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2011 BEST Bookstore

Farley’s Bookshop

There’s no Starbucks at Farley’s, just maze-like aisles, shelves teeming with books, and quiet corners for reading. It’ll remind you why you loved books before they came with lattes.

44 South Main Street, New Hope, PA | 215-862-2452 | Website

2009 BEST Bookstore to Browse

Brickbat Books

709 South Fourth Street, Philadelphia, PA

In the middle of Fabric Row sits this quaint treasure trove, a sort of anti-Borders where you probably won’t find the latest John Grisham but might just find a rare paperback edition of Lolita from 1959. Owner Patrick Richardson Graham’s succinct philosophy: “We carry stuff that we’re interested in, what we think is good and… Read more »