Eagles-Lions, The Day After

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Jeffrey Lurie meets with Chip Kelly after every game.

That’s where he was headed when cameras caught him leaving his box early against Tampa Bay. It’s what he’s done 44 times now — 24 after a win, 20 in defeat, once in a postseason setting. Presumably, that tradition continued on Thanksgiving afternoon in the bowels of Ford Field following a second sound-the-alarm loss in the span of four days.

Hard to think of many questions that could be asked or answers given following such a set of performances that could drill down to the core. Micro issues like specific moments in the game seem like a luxury of the past at this stage. It’s all big-picture stuff now. Lurie is likely more interested to see how the head coach is carrying himself, and how the men he’s charged with leading are responding to him, now that it’s all gone to hell.

The owner’s assignment from this stage forward is to figure out why the operation collapsed on itself so suddenly, and whether Kelly has the capacity and the clout to halt the free fall and resume what at what point looked like a climb toward relevancy. Read more »

Kelce: ‘We’re Going To Find Out the Cowards’

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

DETROIT, MI — Jason Kelce‘s left knee was swollen nearly twice its original size, the upper half of his leg black and blue from the strain. Inflammation of the bursa near his knee joint pushed against a nerve, causing pain to the point where he was having difficulty walking leading up to the game.

But he played, and stayed in there the whole, disastrous game against the Lions. Asked if that’s as good of proof as any that he is still fighting and fighting for Chip Kelly, he responded, “I guess.”

Kelce has been on of Kelly’s biggest advocates, and a defender of his methods. After a pair of horrible losses and all signs pointing to dysfunction, has his confidence in Kelly been shaken?

“I will never doubt Chip Kelly and I will never doubt these coaches,” he said. “That’s the only way you can go about this business in my opinion. Doubters and people that don’t trust their teammates and don’t trust their coaches, those are losers in my opinion. That’s the way you lose games. And obviously we’re losing a lot of games right now, we’re not doing very well. But that’s not ever going to change my approach or my trust in the players in this locker room or the coaches that are telling me what to do.” Read more »

Open Thread: Eagles vs. Lions

NFL: Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles

Happy Thanksgiving to our Birds 24/7 community. Through good times and (plenty of) bad, your loyalty continues to shine through. We can’t thank you enough.

Here’s hoping for some good football, good food and good times with your loved ones. As always, feel free to join the conversation in the comments section.

— Tim and Josh

‘As Far As I Know, It’s Mark’

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Straight answers were a little hard to come by in respect to the quarterback situation Tuesday.

Pat Shurmur said that he really didn’t know who would start against the Lions —  stating that it came down to health — and that he was sure Chip Kelly would provide reporters with an update when available. That drew laughs from some members of the assembled media, who won’t meet with Kelly again this week and probably wouldn’t be given the answer even if they did.

Lane Johnson,  a de facto team spokesman of sorts, offered a bit more. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Slow Down, Chip

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Tempo is a way of life at One NovaCare Way.

The production is streamlined under the fast-thinking, fast-talking Chip Kelly. Practice, lifting, meetings, meals and of course the offense is about speed and (in theory) efficiency —  getting in and cranking out and reloading for the next explosion of activity.

Not a minute of time is wasted. Kelly even conducts his interviews from a media tent on the edge of the practice field so he can sprint right onto the gridiron the moment his mandated time with the press is over. The players’ schedule is jam-packed but the conveyor belt keeps them moving from station to station so that before they know it, they’re hopping on their hoverboards and heading for the hills.

Kelly did not stumble upon this design haphazardly. He studied high-functioning operations from the military to Fortune 500 companies; carefully built a system that cuts out wasted movement with an emphasis on maximizing output and supporting his Sunday style.

There are advantages to be gained by living in top gear but it isn’t without its drawbacks, particularly when it comes to relationship building. Read more »

Eagles-Bucs, The Day After

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Malcolm Jenkins couldn’t hide his disgust.

The Eagles had just been whistled for 12 men on the field to turn a 3rd-and-4 into a Bucs first down, extending what ended up being a 15-play, 80-yard, 9:47 life-sucking touchdown drive to start the second half. He shot daggers and barked at his teammates on the field, and had plenty of lingering frustration as he spoke with reporters following a 45-17 loss that has shaken public confidence in this regime to its core. Read more »

Instant Observations: Eagles-Bucs



Here’s what we saw in the Eagles’ 45-17 loss to the Bucs:

*First off, just a dismal, unacceptable job by this coaching staff. The Eagles did not look prepared to play, particularly on defense. No fight. Mindless penalties. The worst loss since Chip Kelly took over. Questions about the head coach are growing by the game. Read more »

Eagles-Bucs Injury Report

Ryan Mathews and Sam Bradford. (USA Today Sports)

Ryan Mathews and Sam Bradford. (USA Today Sports)

UPDATE: The Eagles placed Jerome Couplin (shoulder) on the season-ending Injured Reserve list and signed Ed Reynolds from the practice squad.

Here is the injury report for Sunday’s home game against the Bucs: Read more »

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