The Best Pre-Wedding Party Resources in Philadelphia

Photo by Lauren Driscoll Photography.

Photo by Lauren Driscoll Photography.

The 2015 Best of Philly issue is out, everyone, and in it, you will find a bajillion businesses (yes, we counted) recommended by the Philly Mag staff to make your life easier and more enjoyable here in the lovely Philadelphia region. And luckily for us wedding types, you’ll find quite a few awards in this issue bestowed upon local businesses that you’ll like to know about especially when it comes to all those pre-wedding parties you’re going to be throwing—or rather, that will be thrown in your honor—in the coming months.

We’ve highlighted a few below that you’ll want to be sure to take a look at. You can take a look at all the rest of the winners—remember, there’s a bajillion of them—by grabbing the August issue at a newsstand near you or checking out the listings online.

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Getting Wedding Ready: Don’t Make These 9 Weight-Loss Mistakes

The other night, as I sipped on some sauv blanc while trying to decide what to make for dinner, the voices of brides who have gone before me echoed in my head—but I tried to push them out. I didn’t want to hear them, because those voices told me that if I wanted to meet my wedding weight/fit goals, I’d have to cut the wine way out. (My one friend allowed herself nothing but two vodka sodas a week in the months leading up to her wedding. Um, no.)

A quick text to a bestie comforted me that no, I should not be cutting out wine. “You need to live your life, and you need wine to live,” she said. “Just eat less.”

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Stock Up On Lingerie and Swimwear for Your Honeymoon at the Intimacy Sale in King of Prussia

Photo courtesy of Intimacy

This set would be adorbs for your tropical honeymoon. Photo courtesy of Intimacy

Lingerie is not unlike clothing when it comes to the end of the season: It’s time to make way for new styles by clearing out the ones we’ve been shopping this summer! And so King of Prussia’s Intimacy (which we awarded with a Best of Philly in 2001 and included in our roundup of where brides should be shopping for their underthings in Philly) is holding their Semi-Annual Sale, starting tomorrow.

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This Video Shows Why Gymnastics Aren’t the Best Idea for Bridal Party Entrances

Sheesh, guys. We already had to issue one warning today, and as soon as we look up from publishing that one, we see this?

We’ll allow breakdancing at weddings, or enthusiastic twirling, or a well-practiced Dirty Dancing lift, or even that thing where the girl slides through the guy’s legs—but pleaseplease, no gymnastics. Especially those that have been hindered by whatever you chugged in the limo bus on the way to the reception. You don’t want to be that guy—or worse yet, that girl.

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Science: Good Luck Not Getting Divorced If You Get Married After the Age of 32




Until recently, general knowledge—and statistical data—held that the older you were when you got married, the less likely that marriage was to crumble under the weight of two people who didn’t fully know yet who they were.

However, according to the analysis of some new data that was gathered between 2006 and 2010, that is no longer the case. Now, it would seem that while your chances of divorce do go down the older you are when you get married—that is only true until your early 30s! After the age of 32 or so, your chances of divorce go from decreasing by 11 percent each year to increasing by five percent each year. Behold:

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Philadelphia Photographer Julia Lehman Is Ready to Snap Your Underwater Engagement Photos

Photo by Julia Lehman

Photo by Julia Lehman-McTigue

We started seeing underwater photography make its way into the wedding world this past fall (remember these shots?), but until now, we were not aware of any photogs in our little neck of the woods who were diving into the water with couples to snap either engagement photos or a trash-the-dress session beneath the waves.

Well, it might not be beneath the waves, exactly—rather, in her family’s 10-foot pool in Mount Airy—but we would like to introduce you to Philly photographer Julia Lehman-McTigue.

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PW Reader Ring: Kristin & Zachary!

Kristin's ring!

Kristin’s ring!

The couple: Kristin Reiley and Zachary Safris from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is a morganite center stone surrounded by diamonds and set in white gold.

I had done some ring research, knowing we’d probably get engaged soon and that I wanted something different. I came across morganites and thought they were gorgeous, and that they also had a great meaning to them. I found a jeweler I loved—SamNSue out of Hawaii—through Instagram, and that’s where Zachary ended up getting my ring.

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