PW Reader Ring: Kristen & Kevin!

Kristen's ring!

Kristen’s ring!

The couple: Kristen Kelly & Kevin Guirate, from West Norriton.

The ring: My ring is white gold with lots of smaller gorgeously cut diamonds. I absolutely adore it.

Kevin asked for my Pinterest password and went looking through my wedding boards. He was able to find something on Brilliant Earth that is unique and totally fit what I was looking for, all on his own! I love the multiple shapes and how everything is laid out for a modern twist on a vintage classic.

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You’ll Spend All Day On the New Instagram Account ‘The Way We Met’

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Much like before it, there is a new fun, sweet, entertaining and inspiring time suck out there focused on the darlingness of the couples who have contributed to it: The new Instagram account The Way We Met.

The conceit is really simple and totally works: Each picture features a couple—whether they’ve only been dating a few months or have been married for a million years—and the story, in the words of one member of the couple (pre-approved and fact-checked by the other member, we’re sure) of how they met.

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If Justin Timberlake Is a Guest at Your Wedding, You Just Might Get a Surprise Performance



Stars; they’re just like us! They, too, have to go to the weddings of their spouse’s college roommates on their summer weekends.

And when they do, sometimes they decide to have a little fun and give the crowd (and the newlyweds!) a thrill by showcasing their talents right in the middle of the celebration—just like Justin Timberlake did this past weekend at the wedding of his wife Jessica Biel’s roomie from Tufts.

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PW Reader Ring: Crystal & Christopher!

Crystal's ring!

Crystal’s ring!

The couple: Crystal Hayes and Christopher Casazza, Philadelphia.

The ring: I wish I could take any measure of credit for my ring, but it was all my fiance! He has a classic and slightly vintage style that is definitely reflected in my ring, which is more than I could have ever dreamed up myself.

The center diamond is Old European cut, which is very hard to find these days, so he traveled back to Michigan (where he’s originally from) to find the perfect stone with an estate jeweler, Joseph DuMouchelle. He then went to D’Antionio & Klein (on Jewelers Row in Philly) to have the setting custom made. The stone is beautifully set in a split shank with a diamond halo made of white gold. As a nod to the Art Deco era that I love, he also had hand engraving done on the top and underneath of the setting, so I see a lovely etched pattern whenever I look at my hand.

Of course, I wondered how he was able to create such a unique piece of jewelry that I swoon over on a daily basis without ever discussing the topic with me … Turns out he enlisted the help of my best friend and co-worker months in advance to consult on the process!

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