Here We Go Again: Season Three of Married at First Sight Starts Tonight

After the first season of Married at First Sight, I was addicted, and pumped for the second. That season only served to confirm, however, that I would never feel the same way about any other randomly betrothed people as I did about Jamie and Doug and Courtney and Jason—and indeed, with the way that one turned out, I wasn’t even so sure about watching the third.

But the third season is here now, readers, and so tonight, you and I must both make a decision: Will we watch, or will we cling to the rosy hue still left with us from season one?

Sigh. I’ll watch.

This season takes place in Atlanta, and I will do my best to watch it with an open heart and mind. Here’s a breakdown of the players this time around—and below, a quick clip. Flip to FYI at 9pm, I’ll see ya there. {Fingers crossed.}

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Here’s Your Philadelphia Wedding Spring/Summer 2016 Sneak Peek!

The new issue is here! It'll be on newsstands Monday, December 7th.

The new issue is here! It’ll be on newsstands Monday, December 7th.

It’s here, you guys, it’s here!

We gave you a peep of our new cover on Instagram this past Tuesday before we broke for Thanksgiving, and today, readers, we thought we’d give you a little taste of what actually lies behind the cover of our new spring/summer 2016 issue of Philadelphia Wedding. It’ll be on stands on Monday, December 7th—but we wouldn’t want you to have to wait quite that long, so here’s what’s coming your way:

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PW Reader Ring: Nikole & David!

Nikole's ring!

Nikole’s ring!

The couple: Nikole Cabrera and David Domke, from Newtown.

The ring: My ring is rose gold, with a pink diamond center stone that’s surrounded by morganites. David worked with his sister-in-law—they looked at my Pinterest page, and then he ordered it online. He figured out my size by putting my college ring on his pinky to see how it fit. He said that once it arrived, he knew it was perfect. It’s very simple and romantic, but totally me.

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Watch: Here Is a Deleted Scene from Inside Amy Schumer On the Topic of Engagement Photos

Even if you have participated in a lovey-dovey engagement shoot yourself, you can’t help but kind of chuckle at them. They can be really fun, are a great way to get to know your photographer before the wedding, and will more than likely result in some really awesome photos that you’ll have forever. But on the other hand, the cheese factor can also be high, and being visibly in love while someone points at camera at you precisely for the purpose of capturing the two of you in love can be a little weird.

Well, apparently Amy Schumer had filmed a scene for her Comedy Central show that touched on all of the above—plus the whole posting/gloating on social media aspect of it all once you’ve actually got the beautiful and glorious engagement photos in hand—but it got deleted from the episode it was set to air in. Here it is, below, also starring Girls‘ Jemima Kirk—just be sure you’re wearing your headphones if you’re watching at work.

Kinda nails it, huh?

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Beginning-of-December Trunk Shows & Sample Sales

Scarlette by Rivini. Photo courtesy of the designer.

Scarlette by Rivini. Photo courtesy of the designer.

Nicole Bridal & Formal Shoppe, Jenkintown

November 19-28: Ian Stuart Bridal Trunk Show

You’ll receive 10 percent savings if you order any of the featured designer’s dresses during the trunk show; call to make an appointment.

December 3-5: Rivini Bridal Trunk Show

You’ll receive 10 percent savings if you order any of the featured designer’s dresses during the trunk show; call to make an appointment.

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This Wedding Video Shot By a Couple’s Dog Is Weirdly Magical

I have to say, even if they do end up just drunken fodder for motion sickness, I tend to think GoPro footage of weddings is pretty entertaining. (Remember when these people strapped a GoPro to a bottle of Fireball and passed it around a wedding?)

But this GoPro-shot wedding video is actually really lovely—and safe to say really unique—as it was captured while on the back of one couple’s beloved Siberian Husky.

Addie and Marshall Burnette eloped on a snow-capped mountaintop in Tennessee, and decided to let their pup, Ryder, capture their day on video. And it’s seriously the sweetest! Watch below to see Ryder’s cool perspective—and go here to read more about Addie and Marshall’s day.

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PW Reader Ring: Erin & Mario!

Erin's ring!

Erin’s ring!

The couple: Erin Kowalsky and Mario Candelaria, from North Wales.

The ring: My ring has a natural ruby center stone set in yellow gold with a diamond halo. I had let him know that I didn’t want a diamond as a center stone. I’m not a huge fan of them, and everyone has one, which I feel takes the uniqueness away.

So I went online to Angara and designed a ruby ring—I love rubies, and it’s both of our birthstone. I showed him a picture of it, he took a mental note, and then bought it some time in the next six months!

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Awesome: This Jilted Bride Wore Her Wedding Dress In a 5K Color Run

At the beginning of this year, we told you about a lovely lady by the name of Shelby Swink, whose fiancé had called off their wedding the week before it was to happen. Friends and family weren’t sure how to support her on the actual day that should have been her wedding day—until her photographer suggested they do a liberating, joyful, take-control (read: not angry or bitter) trash-the-dress photo session. It turned out to be the most perfectly awesome thing she could have done, and frankly, we thought Shelby was pretty awesome, too.

That’s why I was eager to learn the story of Kilee Manulak, who has been in the headlines the past few days for how she handled her similar situation of being, as they say, jilted: Her fiancé, who she had been with for over four years, broke up with her via text (which: I really just cannot. A text? A text?) the week before their wedding, and she, too, was left wondering what in the heck to do with her beautiful white gown that was hanging in her closet, all ready for its moment.

The answer? She wore it to run a 5K Color Run.

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