Video: There Was a Proposal On-Stage at the Academy of Music’s Dirty Dancing Show Last Night! 

Our peeps over at Philly mag’s Ticket told us last night that there was going to be proposal on stage at that evening’s performance of Dirty Dancing at the Kimmel Center—and there was, and it was so sweet!

The lucky lady in question was definitely shocked—but we’re guessing that was in part due to the fact that her boyfriend lives in LA! He secretly flew in for the performance, knowing there was no way his Philly-living, Dirty Dancing-loving girlfriend would miss the show. At the end, he appeared on stage. Commence tears and awws:

Had we been in that audience, we would have been squealing right along with the rest of them. Congrats to Alissa and Malik! We think you should do the Dirty Dancing dance at your wedding.

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Learn How to Make Fresh Flower Necklaces and Sashes for Your Wedding at Flowers & Co.’s Wearbles Workshop! 

Flowers & Co., owner Nadine Louw will have you whipping up your own flower necklaces and sashes at her Wearables Workshop.

Flowers & Co., owner Nadine Louw will have you whipping up your own flower necklaces and sashes (like this one from Pinterest!) at her Wearables Workshop.

You guys know that we can’t get enough of floral accessories around here (remember this to-die-for necklace?), so we were super pumped when we just heard that Rittenhouse’s Flowers & Co. is going to host a Wearables Workshop next week inside their sweet 19th Street shop!

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Let’s All Bask in the Glow of Sophie Hunter’s Valentino Wedding Gown

A few months ago, Benedict Cumberbatch joined the list of celebrities who have tied the knot in secret, and then just popped up a few days later with a mysterious band on their left ring finger. And until now, all we’ve really known is that he and the lovely Sophie Hunter are now husband and wife.

But now—now!—we know what she wore—and the answer is a lot of silvery gorgeousness from Valentino.:

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9 Gorgeous Ways to Go Totally Floral for Your Spring Wedding

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Study: Marriage Officially Linked to Good Vascular Health



Not surprisingly, we have long touted the benefits of marriage on this blog—including, specifically, the health benefits! Not only does marriage make you want to take better care of yourself—studies have shown that being married literally does translate to good things inside your body.

The latest: Marriage is even good for your blood vessels!

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Here’s a Guy Who Proposed Via ‘Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison’s Instagram Account 

Yesterday, on the Instagram account of Mr. Chris Harrison, who you all know and love and welcome into your home many Monday nights as the host of the Bachelor, posted a picture of a dude proposing to his lady:

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Ask the Expert: I Think the Bride Forgot My Plus One. Is It Okay to Remind Her? 



Question: I was recently invited to a wedding of an old family friend. I’d like to go, but I won’t know anyone else there, and I wasn’t invited with a date. I have a sense that that’s more because she doesn’t actually realize or remember that I have a serious significant other (we’ve known each other a long time, but don’t speak often)—not because her guest list can’t afford it.

Is there a tactful way to mention my boyfriend to her over the coming weeks, or should I just forget it? I just don’t want to decline the invite just because I won’t know a soul there.

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Early April Bridal Trunk Shows



Bridal Garden, Marlton

 April 1, 3-9 pm: Thomas Knoell Couture Headpieces & Jewelry Trunk Show

You’ll receive special incentives to order the featured designer’s accessories during the trunk show; call to make an appointment. The designer will be present at the event.

Nicole Bridal & Formal Shoppe, Jenkintown

April 3-11: Daymor Mother-of-the-Bride/Groom & Special Occasion Trunk Show

You’ll receive 10 percent savings if you order any of the featured designer’s dresses during the trunk show; call to make an appointment.

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PW Reader Ring: Amy & Tom!

Amy's ring!

Amy’s ring!

The couple: Amy Bloomfield and Tom Curry, Northeast Philly.

The ring: My ring is a round solitaire diamond on a 14-karat white-gold band. Tom designed it through Blue Nile. We dated for six years prior to getting engaged so he knew exactly what I was hopping for: a timeless engagement ring that I would cherish forever! He has similar taste when it comes to rings, and after a ton of research and shopping around, he was set on this style.

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