Wing Bowl: Is It Time to End It?

WIP’s drunken disgrace — coming up for the 23rd time on January 30th — oozes hot sauce and misogyny.

Scenes from recent Wing Bowls. Photos, clockwise from top left: Sportsradio 94WIP; Alejandro A. Alvarez/Daily News; Associated Press

Scenes from recent Wing Bowls. Photos (clockwise from top left): Sportsradio 94WIP; Alejandro A. Alvarez/Daily News; Associated Press

Early one Friday morning last January, I was surrounded by roughly 20,000 screaming fans, an army of half-naked women, and an effigy of Ruben Amaro. High above on the scoreboard video screen, a clip played on repeat. The image: a guy projectile vomiting. On the same floor where Allen Iverson once thrilled, where the Flyers nearly won their third Stanley Cup just five years ago, a bunch of dudes (and one very intimidating woman) were shoving chicken wings down their pie-holes as fast as they could. The crowd cheered, mostly in hopeful anticipation of someone puking.

This is Wing Bowl — sports-talk radio station WIP’s annual celebration of the most primal male instincts (gluttony, protracted leering, getting shitfaced on Miller Lite at six in the morning). “Bacchanal” doesn’t adequately describe the scene you’ll witness on the 30th of this month. I have nothing against watching fat guys eat until they’re physically unable to pack any more food down their gullets, like some sort of human foie gras performance art. Nor do I oppose drinking irresponsibly on occasion, as long as no motor vehicles, knife fights or karaoke versions of Meat Loaf songs are involved.

But competitive eating isn’t the big draw for Wing Bowl these days. No one’s clicking through online slide shows for pictures of men on the verge of gastric volvulus. The main attraction is those scantily clad ladies — the “Wingettes,” who escort the eaters into the arena, cheer them on as they gorge, and try to look sexy while standing clear of the vomit blast radius.

The problem with Wing Bowl is the gross misogyny that’s overtaken the event — an event promoted by the same folks at WIP who were so (rightly) outraged at the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell over their handling of ex-Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice’s domestic violence case. There is a connection between what Rice did in that casino elevator and what happens at Wing Bowl. And if the culture doesn’t change, this year’s Wing Bowl should be the last.

PERHAPS ONLY IN Philadelphia could a phrase like “a brief history of the Wing Bowl” be written in earnest and be an essential point of discussion. Back in 1993, Inquirer sportswriters-turned-radio-hosts Al Morganti and Angelo Cataldi had an idea to occupy that dead week between the end of the NFL playoffs — at which point the Eagles’ season was, and still is, usually long over — and the Super Bowl. As a nod to the Buffalo Bills, who lost the championship game four times, they created a wing-eating contest. The first Wing Bowl was held in the lobby of a Center City hotel. The winner scored a hibachi. In the years that followed, plenty of self-respecting local luminaries stopped by and lent the event an air of dignity: former Sixers president Pat Croce, Senator Arlen Specter, future governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell, and, more recently, Birds head coach Chip Kelly.

I’m not sure when Wing Bowl made the transition from harmless, messy fun to the carnival of drunks and exhibitionists it’s become. When I attended roughly 10 years ago, you didn’t need to buy a ticket for admission. (Today, tickets are 10 bucks, and the event sells out — something the Sixers won’t do once this season.) It was booze-soaked and decadent, but on a far smaller scale. This year, the grand prize is $10,000 and an $18,000 Harley. Last January, Eagles president Don Smolenski arrived on a golf cart transformed into a gigantic football helmet. Phillies broadcaster Matt Stairs chugged two beers simultaneously and inflamed the already raucous crowd. It looked like the same event I’d seen years ago, on steroids.

Once you’re inside the arena now, there’s a sense that anything goes, particularly when it comes to the treatment of women. You don’t just see videos of wing-eaters on the big screen — there’s a camera scanning the crowd, looking for one of the following: an attractive woman, whose image will send the audience into a “Show your tits” chant; two attractive women, which will inspire a cheer in hopes they’ll flash their breasts or start making out; or an obviously unattractive woman, who will get booed, especially if she pulls her shirt up. It’s like a Mötley Crüe concert circa 1987.

But mass classlessness isn’t where it ends. I’ve seen men grab two women by their heads and try to make them kiss, or claw at women’s shirts when the camera pans past, hoping to cop a feel or expose a breast. Guys pound on the hockey glass as the Wingettes pass by — sometimes they’re just making faces or acting like idiots; other times, they’re flipping the bird and spitting out words like “slut” and “whore.”

Also in attendance at last year’s Wing Bowl was Ronnie Polaneczky, the columnist for the Daily News and a friend of mine. Ronnie — a wife and the mother of a college-age daughter — roamed the crowd for a firsthand look at the behavior on display. By the end of the morning, she’d gotten smacked on the ass to the tune of “Lookin’ good, babe!,” witnessed what may have been a public sex act, and watched a pair of young ladies get crowd-shamed into rubbing their bare chests against each other, then get groped by the men nearby.

What’s troubling, she says, is that a misogynistic mind-set has taken over what used to be a fun, and perfectly Philly, event. “It went from being something hilarious born of impotent despair,” she says, “to something calculated — and now infused with the gestalt of the strip clubs, where everyone agrees that potentially, all women are for sale and all men are johns. Just being female implies consent inside a strip club. Now, just being female at Wing Bowl also implies consent.”

This is where Ray Rice comes in. In the midst of the controversy over his assault on his fiancée — and an even louder roar over Roger Goodell’s fumbling of the investigation and Rice’s suspension — no one was yelling more loudly for Goodell’s resignation than Cataldi. Day after day, he ripped Rice and Goodell on the air. He wrote a Metro column describing Rice’s behavior as “horrific” and “outrageous.” He challenged feminists to take the NFL to task. Yet months earlier, when Polaneczky appeared on Cataldi’s show to condemn the abusive behavior she saw at Wing Bowl, the host asked her, incredulously, “What did you expect?” (He also called her “a bitch who needs an enema.”)

Perhaps it’s unfair to draw a straight line between chanting “Show your tits” and punching a woman in the face and dragging her unconscious body out of an elevator. But does anyone imagine that the guy who felt free to butt-slap Ronnie — a stranger, in public — would, after Wing Bowl, be less inclined to smack his girlfriend or wife around?

Cataldi isn’t as dumb as he sometimes plays on the air. He’s created this environment where women are objects not just of lust, but of outright disrespect. His stance on Rice and domestic violence is a noble one, but unless the mood changes at Wing Bowl, his righteous outrage rings hollow.

I’M NOT CALLING for women to stay away from the Wing Bowl. I am suggesting they be treated like, you know, human beings. Here’s what should happen: Cataldi and company can start by banning strip club promotions at the event. If women who dance naked for a living still want to sign up as Wingettes, more power to them, but they wouldn’t wear Johnny’s Rack Shack tank tops that barely cover their nipples. Stop scanning the crowd with a camera, and confiscate crude signs. Tone down the audition process, in which Cataldi invites aspiring Wingettes into the studio so he can salivate and sling double entendres. He’d never do that with the Eagles cheerleaders or Phillies ball girls — the teams wouldn’t allow it. Promote the Wingettes more like brand ambassadors and less like a parade of hookers lining up at the Bunny Ranch.

If nothing changes at this year’s Wing Bowl, community leaders — like Rendell and District Attorney Seth Williams, both regular Cataldi callers, and teams like the Birds, who participate — should apply pressure. They should stop calling in to the show, and publicly demand that WIP tighten security and do a better job of ejecting anyone who’s underage and/or intoxicated.

Without that pressure, it’s a safe bet that Wing Bowl won’t look any different next year, or the year after that. On his show a few weeks after the Rice story — and the
outrage — had faded, Cataldi mentioned a viral video documenting a woman who walked the streets of New York City for 10 hours and was catcalled more than 100 times. Online, the video prompted much discussion about misogyny and harassment. Cataldi’s point was simply that hollering Yo baby, where can I get a piece of that? never actually results in getting laid.

“Guys,” said Cataldi with a laugh, “if it doesn’t work, don’t do it.”

Co-host Morganti chimed in: “But it feels good.”

That may sound like harmless locker-room humor on the radio. But when the biggest sports league in the country — and WIP — desperately needs a lesson in how women should be treated, it’s not funny anymore.

Originally published as “End Wing Bowl?” in the January 2015 issue of Philadelphia magazine.

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  • judethom

    Misogyny? What? Sounds like a stupid PGN editorial. The cheesy women at Wing Bowl LOVE the way they are treated. They glory in it. I mean, come on, these are the same low brain knuckleheads who have tail gate parties at Eagles games.

    • k

      Not only is that probably not true, it’s also not an excuse to let thay behavior happen. The woman cited in the article DID NOT like the way she was treated.

      • judethom

        Just look at those sassy Wing Bowl broads: low cut t-shirts, exposed navels, tattoos, wild hair. They love all things cheesy. Exceptions exist, but they are rare.

      • pat

        To which woman cited in the article do you refer? If you mean “Ronnie Polaneczky, the columnist for the Daily News”, the article doesn’t mention if she went as spectator or as reporter. Do you have any examples of spectators who went who didn’t have some inkling of what they should expect? Thanks to articles like this it’s hard for me to imagine anyone who would attend who doesn’t have an inkling of what to expect.

    • JustOneOfTheGuys

      “But officer….she LOVED the way she was being treated! I mean…she was ASKING for it.”
      You’re another one who deserves to have a daughter one day.

      • judethom

        “Every woman loves a fascist,” Sylvia Plath.

        Women are not children. They make their own decisions. .

    • And let’s face it, fellow Wing Bowl goers….Women have the Real power, that’s why we will do Anything, even throw money at them while they dance, to be with them. And Who doesn’t like a ‘Dirty Girl’?

  • Eric Von Zipper

    Memo to City Council: Tax it out of existence like you do to other businesses you don’t approve.

  • mac

    the wing bowl is filled with prostitutes and fueled with human trafficking. it is a disgrace to this city and anyone who promotes it should be ashamed.

    • JeffWest

      Strippers are not prostitutes. Two different professions.

    • I am So ashamed. Every year that I attend, the shame gets worse.

  • Rob Larsen

    Morganti is one twisted dude. Just when you think the Wing Bowl mentality can’t sink any lower, he crawls out of the gutter.

    • judethom

      This is Philly, where the Wing Bowl mentality rules–unfortunately. This is no feminist picnic. Philly is Philly–backward and weird.

  • judethom

    The PC thought/behavior police want to Disney-scrub this event so that it becomes a PG 13 yawn fest, fit for the local Baptist minister. It’s Wing Bowl…that should tell you that only idiots go in for Wing Bowl in the first place…..overeating and uncontrolled sexual passion go together. Or seem to. Just ignore this beast feast. It was never meant to be a feminist picnic. (Imagine the doom and gloom at a feminist picnic!)

    • $125740609

      Being politically incorrect used to be fun… until the teabaggers took the reigns and made it racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic.

      • judethom

        Here we go with the red flag words again. Is this post a joke? Bill Mahr has your number. Nobody is a teabagger on here. Thinking progressives avoid empty cliches, political slogans and red flag words like racist and sexist. ‘Sexist’ went out with Kate Millet. Only a loser and an idiot attempts to stop free speech by mouthing these red flag words.You never knew what politically incorrect was in the first place. Kool Aid drinker.

  • Derek Davis

    This is why i do not advertise in Philly Mag anymore. The City Mag should celebrate the city, not condemn it! Would Boston ask the folks there to end St. Patty’s Day or New Orleans to end Mardi Gras? Just last week they called out Travel and Leisure for naming our city a great place to shop, instead of celebrating it they said they were wrong! Really? what is wrong with you guys? Sure, Wing Bowl has lots of things wrong with it, but for one morning a year, those who chose to [and i am not one of them] guys and girls get to act out and let their hair down and have a drunken good time. Get over it! Does anybody complain in New Orleans when they yell “show us your tits?” No, it just makes their tourism industry huge. What’s wrong with a week of sold out hotels and restaurants, it could benefit us all, including revenues at Philly Mag!

    • AmenBrother

      YES!!!! Let the people decide what they want, not some cracker rag mag like this one

    • Joseph Duff

      Agreed Derek – Very good point

    • $125740609

      Wing Bowl is a white-trash fest. Comparing it to St. Patrick’s Day or Mardi Gras isn’t in the same ballpark, it’s not the same damn sport. Get a clue!

      • Derek Davis

        Sorry, but i feel St. patty’s Day and mardi Gras are exactly what they are, drunk fests! Just because they are longer established and hiding behind Catholicism doesn’t make them any better. Don’t even get me started on the church….

    • Right on, Derek. Many don’t know that You have been here from The Beginning, in the restaurant biz, trying to promote all things good in Philadelphia, and congratulations to you on your long run in Manayunk. Continued success and I Love your vodka bar.

    • Palvar

      Philadelphia is a nicer place than Philadelphians make it out to be.

  • What’sHeBuildingInThereAllDay

    Why can’t you let consenting adults have fun in what ever manner they see fit, as long as they’re not hurting anyone who isn’t aware of the consequences.

    The ideas, and way of thinking proposed in this article embody much of what’s wrong with America.

    If you don’t like it, don’t go. End of story

    • bill a

      So if a woman goes to this event, she should expect to be verbally abused and physically groped? You and Cataldi are the kind of people who blame women when they are raped.

      • redman913

        that’s the problem with an article like this. if anybody says they like the wing bowl after reading this, they will be labeled as “misogynistic cavemen” (i am by no means in favor of the mentioned behavior above towards women) when in actuality all they want to do is have a day off to party. you can’t judge 20,000 people because of a few drunk idiots.

        “OH SO YOU SUPPORT RAPE!? YOU FONDLE WOMEN!?” is the typical response now when all the guy is saying is if you dont like it dont go. (which makes sense, i’m not gonna go to a One Direction concert then complain that it’s filled w/ screaming tweenagers)

        • Bill A

          “… is the typical response now when all the guy is saying is if you dont like it dont go.” No, what Cataldi said was if a woman goes, she can be expected to be treated like a rancid piece of meat (“What did you expect?”). You can’t support this pigfest and somehow separate yourself from behavior taking place at it that you know is despicable.

          • redman913

            Bill i don’t know what to tell you, i was responding to your previous comment to @Talent, but if Cataldi is saying that up front then i don’t know why any self-respecting woman would want to go anyway. the ones that do go after hearing something like that? they know what type of even they are going to. my main point is the extreme feminist route that people like you go where if @Talent says “if you don’t like it, don’t go” (which makes TOTAL sense), you respond “you’re the type of person who blames a woman when they’re raped”. a little extreme, no?

            i’m allowed to do what i want when i take one of my hard earned days off, so you can go to church, i’ll have a good time. we all have our vices.

          • Tmara

            Is it being an ‘extreme feminist’ to expect to be respected and not grabbed when i go to a public event at a sports venue paid for with mytax dollars?

          • redman913

            once again, i do not know why a self-respecting woman would go. if you are, which you seem to be, then you shouldn’t be going. do you really have an interest in watching grown men scarf down hundreds of soggy wings? because unless i was a woman attracted to other women, that’s all you’re really there for in that case. men go for the competition and the strippers, nobody is denying that.

            the Wells Fargo Center was almost entirely privately financed. tax dollars went towards the subway lines, roads, bridges (which improved all of the stadiums). what i paid for tickets was probably equal to the amount that the CoresState Center cost you. my hard earned tax dollars pay for police salaries, yet they will still pull me over for 5 over the limit.

            there is no way this argument will ever end so i wish a good day and do not attend the Wing Bowl.

          • Here’s your 25 cents, now stop complaining.

          • Reminds me of Mayor Nutter banning smoking in bars. If a bar owner thought it was costing him Business, he could eliminate it with a ‘No Smoking’ sign, like any business owner could do. But, No, chocko daddy has to be the parent to Anyone in the city that is offended by Anything. Watch out, he may take away your speech, if it offends someone. As ridiculous as somebody saying they are offended by naked women and drunk men when the go to a strip club Or the Wing Bowl. It ain’t a Rotary meeting!

          • angry_blonde

            ‘Chocko daddy’? Wtf does his skin color have to do with anything? And I never understood the uproar about no smoking in bars. The point of a bar is to drink, so why should I be forced to inhale a bunch of smoke and come home reeking every night (and I say this as a bartender as well as a bar-hopper)? If folks want to destroy their lungs, I shouldn’t have to die right along with them for the privilege of drinking in public.

      • pat

        “So if a woman goes to this event, she should expect to be verbally abused and physically groped?” Yes, that’s pretty much what I got from the article, and something I thought was true even before I read the article. Do you truly believe that anyone who attends the wing bowl doesn’t think that’s likely to happen?

        • I’m shocked, Shocked to hear catcalls, and see drunkenness and naked women at the Wing Bowl.

      • Silky Mitts

        oh god.. another SJW that compares cat calling to rape. way to belittle actual abuse victims…

  • Natalie S.

    Thank you for discussing the sexist nature of this event. I’m not a fan of mass food eating in general but this event is almost not about the food eating anymore. Allowing behavior and events like this to happen just contribute to the sense of entitlement for many men (note I did not say all) when it comes to women and that entitlement can lead to increased likelihood to violence against women, especially sexual. I’m sure the comments from men on this article will reinforce this. The mob mentality at events like this can pressure women into behavior they are not comfortable with and allow behavior from men that is not acceptable (grabbing at women, slapping asses, derogatory language and trying to shame women into kissing), as described above.

    No, all the stuff described in this article is not your right to see. No one is taking away your rights to see or do this behavior but talking about toning it down (note the author did not say get rid of wingettes or booze, just reel it in). No, those women probably would not choose to at like that for your pleasure if you didn’t egg them on or feed them booze. Yes, they are adults, but this kind of environment reinforces many of the “norms” we see in society about how to treat women.

    • StinkyWizzleteeth

      The women who attend enjoy the attention, stop with your crusading, nothing will change. You speak for the minority of women and nobody cares about your liberal views.

      • 57th Street Incident

        The woman in the article clearly didn’t enjoy it.

        “Nothing will change” might be the slogan for oppression.

        I care about her views.


        • judethom

          Oppression? Sexism? Patriarchy? All this went out with the 1970s. The women who stayed, loved it. If they didn’t like it, they could have walked out. They are adults. They can make decisions. Next.

          • 57th Street Incident

            If you think oppression, sexism, and patriarchy all ended in the 70s…wow. I just don’t think I can help.

          • judethom

            Well, we are not really asking for your help. Notions of sexism are always relative/subjective. The way we deal with these “problems” have changed. An old definition of sexism/patriarchy: “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” Orthodox Stalinist feminism (Jill Johnston) is dead, however.

          • $125740609

            Is that a teabagger in your avitar? That explains a lot, especially with your “Stalinist” reference. Yeah, your wife probably cheats on you… Just so ya know.

          • judethom

            Your point is? Are you a Wing Bowl fan? Or an orthodox feminist?

          • I like it when women are sex objects.

          • Ms T

            Human rights respect and rational, not alcohol fueled, behavior went out of style in the 70s? Keeping it classy, philly.

        • pat

          copy and paste from my reply to a prior comment that said the same thing you said:

          To which woman cited in the article do you refer? If you mean “Ronnie Polaneczky, the columnist for the Daily News”, the article doesn’t mention if she went as spectator or as reporter. Do you have any examples of spectators who went who didn’t have some inkling of what they should expect? Thanks to articles like this it’s hard for me to imagine anyone who would attend who doesn’t have an inkling of what to expect.

      • $125740609

        The women who enjoy this even are polluted with daddy issues. So, that’s the place for them.

        • judethom

          Then most women are polluted with daddy issues, Sylvia Palth for one. “Every woman loves a fascist.” Sylvia Plath, Get educated.

          • I know women who Like to have their hair pulled during sex.
            Is that misogynist?

      • judethom

        So true. The dour, sad, agenda-ridden feminist types with their “ready to bark and bite” attitude really scare a lot of people. These are not happy women. So sad.

      • judethom


    • judethom

      Orthodox feminism is so yesterday. “The sexist nature of this event?” So now we have an expert feminist who is attempting to draw a link between Wing Bowl antics and violence against women. Is Wing Bowl the new pornography? Please take your dried up secular feminist orthodoxy and stuff it into a miniature chicken wing. The women at this event love it. They are not forced to participate in it. They glory in it. Not my kind of women to be honest, but most women have a relaxed attitude when it comes to men oogling them. When you turn 80, you will have plenty of time to be ignored.And yes, Ms. Orthodox PC, you are numbered among a small minority of humorless, dour women.

      • $125740609

        Teabagging, mornic ramblings is so… oh, wait, it still lingers.

    • Oh Stop it. ‘Reel it in’? According to Whom? Shall we also eliminate the ‘rudeness’ too, as expressed in the article?

  • Ivan__Drago

    It fills a stadium every year, that’s about twenty thousand people having fun you want to stop. Maybe you should stick to your book club at the library.

    • bill a

      It’s 20,000 drunks in cars at 10am on a school and work day. But hey, as long as you’re having fun abusing women and putting the general public at risk, that’s all that matters.

      • judethom

        Abusing woman? That’s funny. Wing Bowl women love it.

  • Resident

    Philadelphia will never be a world class city until it stop catering to lazy and stupid white trash through embarassing events like this.

    • HolyFrijoles11

      Because – Vegas?

      • $125740609

        Ever been to Vegas, bo… it’s Sin City, but it’s not as in your face as Wing Bowl. But thanks for playing.

    • judethom

      It doesn’t stop here. Just walk the streets or take the El. You will never change Philly.

    • Tommy Grover

      Or they could just move it to the burbs where these creatures breed.

      • Matt Robnett

        You mean the Northeast? Hardly the burbs

        • Tommy Grover

          I was thinking Delco and Camden.

        • fel121

          Yeah slick, dont know if you look at the pics or video of this event, but most of those folk dont look like the, Northeast types, we are all sure you are referring too.

  • Resident

    Maybe you should learn how to read.

  • Hezekiah Stephan Shabazz

    ^ Correct. The whole thing makes me embarrassed to be a Philadelphian.

    • judethom

      Well then move to Salt Lake City. The city is big, it contains multitudes. Walt Whitman.

      • Hezekiah Stephan Shabazz

        Philadelphia makes me proud to be a Philadelphian. Regressive shit-shows of sexism, excess, and stupidity do not. But hey, you have the right to do your do and we have the right to think that you’re an embarrassment. Freedom’s glorious.

        • judethom

          Wing Bowl is an embarassment, to be sure. Not my cup of tea. Read closely. But I defend the right of women who think they are pleasing men when they “act out” at Wing Bowl. Orthodox feminism is a secular religion. No thank you. “Excess of sexism” is a relative term; one person’s excess is another’s cup of tea. There is no one feminist dogma, only stripes and various hues. Actually, your PC orthodoxy is an embarassment. You cannot change Philly: look at the creeps who host tail gate parties: sexism reigns supreme there as well.

          • KEL

            I can’t stop giggling at your comments about “tail gate parties.” Did something bad happen to you at a tailgate? I know lots of people who tailgate Phils or Eagles games and wouldn’t define any of them as creeps just for doing so.

        • pat

          I agree. The people who attend wing bowl, knowing from articles like this, and in my case from common sense, what to expect, have every right to do so, and we others have every right to our opinions about those people.

      • pat

        I thought Walt Whitman’s ‘multitudes’ poem was about Camden.

  • StinkyWizzleteeth

    How about replacing Wing Bowl with Vegan Bowl. The participants can eat tofu, hummus and baby carrots. The women can wear turtleneck sweaters and read poetry about their tortured depressed souls. SJW’s should really do society a favor and purchase shotguns with a toe attachment and paint their bathroom walls with their grey matter.

  • Bob Jones

    You people are stupid. Have you ever been to fat Tuesday in new Orleans, how bout any town any where on st paddy’s day, how bout key west or San Francisco for Halloween, how bout Rio? This event is inside a building at 6am. It bothers no one. This town needs to blow off a little steam after watching the beagles lose yet another yr in the playoffs or regular season. I can only hope that one day ur daughter is a wingette. Now that would be poetic justice… chump

    • pat

      No, articles like this clearly show that it bothers people who don’t want it to happen. I believe it shouldn’t bother anyone, it certainly doesn’t bother me, I’ve never felt inclined to attend, and if you’re right that the start time is 6am that’s one other thing that’ll keep me from ever attending. At that time I’d probably much rather watch the inside of my eyelids than virtually anything else.

    • judethom

      Good comment. There’s a new strain of puritanical citizen who sees everything fun that is not to their liking as somehow objectionable. “If I don’t like it, it should be banned.” “If I don’t like it, if it offends a political belief of mine, it is objectionable and there needs to be controls.” Lefty PC so called progressives are the worst. They are worse than right wing fanatics.

  • Derek Davis

    Remember the old saying, “It takes two to Tango?” The Strip club and Porno industry are full of willing participants of all sexes. Both women and men enjoy raucous, bawdy and lewd behavior. Again, it’s not for me, nor for everybody, but as America has proven time and again we vote with our feet. Nobody can legislate our morality. We will do as we please, when and where we please. Baltimore re-elected Marion Berry after smoking crack. Philadelphia re-elected Wilson Goode after bombing Move, and America re-elected Bill Clinton after not having sex with Monica Lewinsky! Live and let live!

  • As long as the women at Wing Bowl are doing it on their volition, there really shouldn’t be a problem with it. Whether they are being hooted, whistled at, ogled, or touched (to a certain extent), they willingly signed up for it. Not every event in this city can be for the “arts” lovers and “beer garden” crowd.

    • JustOneOfTheGuys

      “Whether they are being hooted, whistled at, ogled, or touched (to a certain extent), they willingly signed up for it.”
      I hope you have a daughter one day. Then maybe you’ll get it.

      • If I ever have a daughter, I hope that I will have taught her well enough to decline offers to the wing bowl.

  • ErinPT

    This might be the most Philadelphia story about Philadelphia I’ve ever read. Stay classy guys.

  • get real

    You are worried about the wing bowl. Are you kidding me. The city says it needs more money for its schools and spends $100s of millions of dollars renovating parks instead of putting into schools. Wing bowl brings money into the city. If you don’t like it don’t go. Find a real story and stop pushing your B’S on us.

  • ed

    Stop going

  • Teeter Von Schnauzen

    If you don’t like it, then don’t go. Pretty simple. Everyone attending appears to have a good time. There are no victims here and your Ray Rice parallel is an outright disgrace. In what world is domestic abuse equated with college girls entering a bikini contest of their own free will. Stop whining and don’t attend the event if you don’t like it.

  • ArrogantDrunk

    As long as the gay men’s masturbation club is allowed to exist, WING BOWL STAYS!

  • elle

    I wonder why the author could not be bothered to talk to more real, live girls? snooze

  • di

    some of the posters on here are a joke, i’m from phila, south philly to be precise. with that being said it is a known fact in our neighborhood that events such as the wing bowl are primarily attended by “OUT OF TOWNERS” know..people from the “burbs”, “jersey” etc etc…soo those of you who down philadelphia as a whole, do some research before you post stupid comments concerning a city you truly know nothing about .

  • Tiffany Lynn Heller

    I participated in Wing Bowl 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22! I was a Wingette to Bill “El Wingador” Simmons, Joey Chestnut, US Male and Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti. 5 out of 8 years, the Eater who I was paired with Won. I was inducted into the Wingette Hall Of Fame in 2013 and Was Dubbed The “Good Luck Wingette”. I have seen my Fair Share of Shenanigans! I was treated with Respect from Everyone Involved in Wing Bowl. This includes the Eaters, Entourages, WIP Staff, Special Guests of WIP, News Channels, Even the Other Wingettes! I want to make it clear (Again) that Not all women who choose to be a part of Wing Bowl are Strippers. I have been in the Presence of some Amazing Women. Unfortunately, some men and women (when drunk) think it’s OK to misbehave and take their clothing off. It does not matter if it’s an Eagles Game or Wing Bowl, these people will always act out. Fortunately, their is a barrier of plexiglass that separate the crowd from participants. I do not think a “male bystander” or a “Women Roaming The Crowd” is a legit representation of The Women of Wing Bowl. Wingettes volunteer their time. They are not paid. The women are able to choose the outfits they wear. They are given security and a private entrance, along with a private locker room. A Wingette is given everything a NFL cheerleader would have. I have never seen controversy or abusive behavior backstage. If this is the “situation” in the crowd then handle it as any sporting event would. Each Person Should Be held accountable for their own actions, male or female.
    Tiffany Lynn Heller

    • Richard

      Ah, but your actual experience of the event has no place in this discussion… This discussion only allows views of women who have never gone, or even heard of wing bowl until reading this article. Then, after reading the article you MUST agree with it and blame the actions of a few on everyone involved. Then you are supposed to make a comment about rape or misogyny and how wing bowl is why any of this still persists in our culture. No facts or first hand experience is allowed!

  • Agrelou

    The way to end Wing Bowl is have the Eagees win a Super Bowl. Since the first Wing Bowl the deal has been it will end when the Eagles win a Super Bowl. The tragedy is we are at Wing Bowl 30 without a Championship

  • mike t

    I must have missed the part of the article which pointed out that all those women were abducted at gunpoint and forced to go to Wing Bowl where they were threatened with death if they didn’t dance provocatively.

  • JeffWest

    The strip clubs love opening for breakfast and being filled to capacity on Wing Bowl day, it’s like the 2000 Republican Convention all over again.

  • JM

    I have only one comment for all of you liberal idiots… if you don’t like what the Wing Bowl represents, or you don’t like what happens at the Wing Bowl, DON’T GO to the Wing Bowl. Quit telling other people what THEY can and cannot do!!! BTW, I have never been to a Wing Bowl, and have no intention of ever going to one.

  • A Drake

    People who pay $10 for this kind of “entertainment” are all losers. Period.

  • What was wrong wit That post? If you don’t like tis&ass, change it to T&A for goodness sake.

  • Phil E. Mann

    Well, I feel sorry for the critics here. You get it all wrong, why? Because you’ve never been connected to anything in your lives. It’s about the traditions, the competitions, and something that’s yours and no one else’s. We live, breathe, and engulf ourselves with one thing and one thing alone….our home. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than Philadelphia because we love who we are and we love where we’re from. It’s a sense of Nationalism that can only be felt by someone who actually cares about those around them. We don’t care what you think of us, but please know how little we think of you. Wing Bowl Forever!!!

  • steve

    Richard… why not check out why the weather people were sooo wrong in their snow forecasts…That is more your speed.

  • Derek Davis

    So, tomorrow when i wake up , Wing Bowl 23 will be history!

  • Meghan

    Great article and you make a lot of salient points, but I do just want to point out that strippers and “hookers lining up at the Bunny Ranch” also deserve respect!

  • ManlyMutt

    If women are really treated that badly then why do the same women go year after year? What a stupid article!

  • PerSisE

    This guy clearly has no idea how to party….. Instead of the Wing Bowl, let’s all just meet up once a year and have a bible reading contest. First 1 to fall asleep loses!!!

  • Bill Craig

    Maybe Bill Cosby can be a guest host this year..

  • Lisa

    First off I have worked MANY wing bowls and it’s not WIP’s fault, these girls go in knowing what they are going there for to see who can get the most cat calls etc., they are strippers, they take their clothes off for a living, they enjoy it, they lure these men back to their clubs. In the end, they are the winners by the amount of cash getting thrown at them, that’s the profession they chose. As far as the drinking, that has nothing to do with WIP, the drunkeness is handled by security and Aramark, and it is handled well. Obviously you will not see everything, no one can, but it’s ridiculous that you are blaming them for a day that really isn’t bothering anyone. You very rarely hear about major mishaps there. Of course you are gonna have minor issues but you have that at a family party…and it’s handled. So instead of being Debbie downer over here why don’t you report on something important and if you don’t like the event it’s simple, DONT GO!!! Lol, sorry but in so tired of people putting down things because in their world there is something that isn’t “politically correct” or they disagree with!! Seriously, if this is the highlight of your day by downing something that has no effect on the community than you need to find a new career and leave this one.