Alycia Lane Responds

Philadelphia magazine asked Alycia Lane to respond to factual assertions made by Dawn Stensland in the article “Dawn’s Dark Days” about the relationship between Larry Mendte and Alycia Lane. Instead, her attorney, Paul Rosen, released the following statement:

“Larry Mendte is a lovesick, obsessed stalker who pleaded guilty to felony charges for breaking into Alycia Lane’s e-mail 537 times after she left the station. As early as 2003, Mendte made unwanted and inappropriate overtures to Alycia that were rejected, yet he continued to offer gifts even though she had no interest in him, his gifts or his company. Apparently, if Mendte could not have her, no one could, so he embarked on a criminal invasion of her e-mails thousands of times as part of his pathological campaign to destroy her life. Mendte wanted her out of Philadelphia, the city she loved, [and was] on a mission to ruin her. Mendte’s obsession and demented conduct began on the day he met Alycia and only ended on the day the FBI came to his home and Dawn found out about his dark, lecherous side and secret criminal life.
“After Dawn tearfully begged for Alycia’s forgiveness in court to prevent her husband from going to jail, it is particularly sad, confusing and disappointing to now see Dawn’s need to exploit herself for Mendte, and her attempt to punish Alycia again by repeating his delusional and fictitious ‘explanations’ for destroying her career. Instead of going public with the pain Mendte inflicted on her, Dawn should recognize that he can never be trusted and is not worthy of her, and that she might want to consider consulting a divorce lawyer.  
“All Alycia asks for is the privacy Mendte stole from her. It is unfortunate that the press-starved Mendte family cannot move on from this and leave others out of their need for continued publicity.”

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  • M

    Lane's attorney is coming on the scene fairly late regarding Ms. Lane's "privacy" since she was on DR. PHIL talking publicly about her first divorce and on the news regarding the purchase of her wedding gown from her short lived second marriage. Both Larry Mendte and Alycia Lane have been able to get their view of the situation to the public so Dawn Stensland has the right to do the same. Larry Mendte is without question guilty as he admitted, however, Ms. Lane playing the innocent regarding their relationship is just ridiculous. Dawn Stensland is as much, if not more, of a victim of this situation and there is no need to vilify HER in the press. She has a right to state her views.

  • paline

    I think Dawn Should tell her and her husbands side of what has happened these past few months. The mendtes have had suffered enough trauma and emmbarasment. Ms. Lane and mr. rosen had made themselves the public nusance in society by not admitting to her mistakes. If you go public and admit to your mistake, it makes you not only feel better butit also makes you a real human being.
    Everybody needs and deserves a 2nd chance in life.

  • Deborah

    I have never written a comment like this before, but felt compelled because I've lived through a similar situation with my husband, as Ms. Stensland did with Larry Mendte. So many couples never learn what is on the other side of a marital crisis, and therefore don't know what it is to grow in their humanity. Offended egos run fast and stay short sighted. That said I don't think all couples should stay married. It depends on the circumstances, and this couple certainly deserves a second chance. As for Ms. Lane, I knew she was trouble and basket case the moment she arrived on the scene, looking just like Dawn, and very vulnerable, which was revealed in her (poor) piece on the "Demons of Divorce." She had too much unresolved baggage, and maybe Mr. Mendte was hitting a mid life crisis. From the moment I saw Ms. Lane I instinctively sensed "trouble." My instincts are never wrong.It takes two to tango. Ms. Lane is NOT innocent.

  • Marilyn

    Dawn has displayed true good character in bad times.She weathered a storm with forgiveness and strength. She married for better or worse and loves a man who made a mistake and publicly apologised. Mr. Rosen's comments in Alycia Lane's name are cold-hearted and in bad taste. Philadelphia Magazine chose to print only 2 letters in Feb.'s issue. They both agreed with Mr. Rosin. Is that fair? When I typed in Dawn Stensland on your web-site "Alycia Lane Responds" was all I could find. Is that fair? Why?

  • Anonymous

    The true victim is Dawn and her family, not named Larry Mendte Sr. Alycia and Larry have betrayed scared vows and compromised the integrity of an incredible woman. Who is Rosen kidding? Alycia sending a lot of salacious email’s to married men. She certainly isn’t the victim and I vehemently regret his malicious nefarious statements of Dawn, the true victim crying in court. Rosen is only kidding the feeble minded

  • Bill
    I am suprised Skank Lane was willing to move
    to California to be with her boyfriend.

    I suspect the real reason she wanted to be in
    LA, was to be around all those celebrities.

    I don’t think LA is going to be a good match for
    her. Once the celebrity womanizers realize that
    Skank is an easy target, they will all be coming
    onto her, for all the wrong reasons.

    But I could be wrong.

    Bill Z