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Private Schools
The Philadelphia School

The Philadelphia School

Type: Day
Gender: Coed
2501 Lombard Street
Philadelphia, PA

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TPS is a progressive independent day school that educates children for a future that is impossible to know but not impossible to shape.

We encourage children to explore and push the boundaries of possibility to fulfill their intellectual, social, and civic potential. We approach learning through inquiry, projects, and community.

As a preschool–8th grade school, we address specifically how children develop intellectually, creatively, emotionally, socially, and physically. Through our commitment to diversity and social justice, we seek to nurture each student’s moral compass and sense of personal integrity.

Located at 25th and Lombard, TPS balances the resources of its Center City location with opportunities to spend a full day in nature each week at one of the many outdoor classrooms within Philadelphia. Learning in the city and country affirms our founders’ goal of educating children to become responsible and active stewards of the world around them.

What is your teaching or educational philosophy?

Since our founding in 1972, The Philadelphia School has grown in size, complexity, and diversity. This growth has been rooted firmly in the progressive educational approach that inspired our founders: immersive learning, responsive pedagogy, and meaningful engagement with the world.

Today our school hums with vibrant activity. TPS students are dreamers, designers, builders, advocates, and questioners. They are not waiting around for life to begin. They co-create their education and their communities right here, right now — learning that agency does not begin with adulthood. In turn, adults in and out of the classroom guide students’ work with purpose and compassion, modeling the permanent place in life for curiosity and exuberant growth.

The future will find us deepening our commitments to experience-based learning and to equity, diversity, sustainability, and community. We want TPS to be a school without defaults. It will be a space defined and enhanced by the diversity within. Safe enough to be brave, the school we envision will be increasingly outward-facing, less container than catapult. TPS students pursue projects out in the world with partners from other schools, other life paths, and other generations. Wherever they are, they are absorbed in what they are doing. Hands on, hearts open.

What is your mission statement?

The Philadelphia School educates children for a future that is impossible to know but not impossible to shape. Learn here. Go anywhere.




Progressive Education, Social Justice, City Country Classroom, Outdoor Education, Preschool - 8th Grade