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Gladwyne Montessori


Gladwyne Montessori is an independent Montessori school, nestled along Philadelphia’s Main Line. Since 1962, our students have excelled in area high schools and gone on to succeed at top colleges and universities across the country. A Gladwyne Montessori education combines the time-tested and visionary insights of Dr. Maria Montessori with the ever-evolving world of advanced technology and modern research. The result is a confident, curious and academically superior student prepared to compete in the 21st Century economy.

Awards or Certifications:

Multiple teachers have received the PACAPE award.

What is your teaching or educational philosophy?

Our education process is based on the understanding that learning is predicated upon the basic human urge to explore. Many of the skills identified as being essential for success today such as initiative, self-direction, creativity, innovation, and social responsibility have always been prominent focuses of the Montessori philosophy and are what we strive to help develop in all Gladwyne Montessori students.

What is your mission statement?

Through an authentic delivery of Maria Montessori's researched-based curriculum, Gladwyne Montessori provides an individualized learning experience that cultivates depth of knowledge and the values required to be actively engaged global citizens.

Our vision is to be the best foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Our values—individuality, curiosity, responsibility, flexibility, connection, acceptance, and joy—are embedded deeply throughout our curriculum. We strive to instill these values within each member of our learning community.