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Private Schools
Friends’ Central School

Friends’ Central School

Type: Day
Gender: Coed


Friends' Central School is an independent, coeducational Quaker day school founded in 1845 and serving approximately 845 students in Nursery through grade 12. Located in the Philadelphia suburbs, the School has two campuses. The Middle & Upper Schools are located just outside of West Philadelphia in Wynnewood, and the Lower School is on our Old Gulph Road campus in the heart of Wynnewood.

Awards or Certifications:

PAIS Accredited Member School

What is your teaching or educational philosophy?

The exceptional faculty at Friends' Central offers a curriculum that is both challenging and thoughtful, cultivating the intellectual, spiritual, and ethical growth of our students. Our pedagogy is grounded in continuing revelation, reflection, integrity, and a willingness to accept responsibility. From Nursery to grade 12, our students participate in a process designed to foster creative, critical, and flexible thinking, along with compassion. As they transform from playful children to skilled, self-possessed teenagers, they are always intellectually curious and engaged thinkers. Friends' Central prepares graduates to succeed in college and in life.

What is your mission statement?

We cultivate the intellectual, spiritual, and ethical promise of our students.




intellectual rigor; service; academic excellence; service; Quakerism; leadership; community