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Maria Cordero-Ricardo, DMD, MS, MPH

Specialty: Pediatric Dentistry

Top Dentist2023, 2024


Founded by Dr. Maria Cordero-Ricardo, Philadelphia Pediatric Dentistry is a joyful pediatric dental experience. Her goal is thriving families with tailored programs that go beyond brushing and flossing to address the root causes of preventable oral diseases, especially as they relate to breathing, sleeping, nutrition and feeding. Dr. Cordero-Ricardo nurtures a collaborative and interdisciplinary wellness practice and is committed to providing the best infant oral health experience in Philadelphia. Services Include: wellness exams and dental cleanings, sensory inclusive space and care, lowest-radiation imaging and X-ray alternatives, early airway orthodontics,
cavity prevention, “SMART” minimally invasive fillings, office anesthesia, white zirconia crowns, CO2 laser frenectomy and myofunctional therapy.