Introducing G Philly’s Queer 6-Word Memoir Project

Your life in six gay words.

Several years ago, my great friend Larry Smith asked me to contribute to a book he was compiling, which eventually became Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure (Harper Perennial). The book kicked off what became known as the Six-Word Memoir Project®, now a cornerstone of the online Smith Magazine, where personal storytelling is truly an art form. My six-word memoir was thus: “Years in the closet. Why? Why?

The success of the enterprise had me wondering how we might adapt it here at G Philly. So today, in partnership with the Six-Word Memoir project, we are kicking off our own version: The G Philly Six-Word Memoir Slam. We’re asking you, our loyal readers and friends, to contribute your own six-word memoirs here on our site, or on our Facebook page. Our G Philly staffers were quick to rise to the occasion: our fab blogger Josh Middleton came up with “Kentucky booted me. Ding-Dong, Philly!” And the always-something-to-say Alex Kacala contributed, “Life is a party. RSVP yes.” (And if you know Alex, he always does.)

We hope you’ll join our party, and share your own six-word memoirs about your queer life here in Philly. Feel free to share as many as your creative heart desires in this comment section and on G Philly’s Facebook page and Twitter feed — but hurry, we’re taking submissions until July 6. Editors of G Philly and Six-Word Memoir creator Larry Smith will select the very best ones for inclusion in our fall issue, and we’ll be hosting a super-special event where people will share theirs (and the funny stories behind them) for LGBT History Month in October. Details to come!

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  • Larry Benjamin, author What Binds Us

    Age twelve, he smiled. Changed everything

  • Emily

    Not gay. Often wish I were.

  • Karen Faber

    Born this way, still that way.

  • Karen Faber

    No, I’m not pregnant. Just gay.

  • Jill

    Solitude and a Mirror Destination Reinvention

  • Barb B.

    Sweet dreams are made of this…

    • Marissa Rubin

      who am I to disagree?

  • Fay Jacobs

    Equality Forum with gays/lesbians. Hurrah!

  • Aaron

    I am young, and still hopeful

  • Greg

    Matthew Shepard gave me strength forever.

  • Mary Jane Jannelli

    Love to kiss the ladies lips!

  • Stephen Fala

    Zefron is looking fine tonight. Wait.

  • Sandy Smith

    “You seemed asexual in high school.”

  • Brad

    Get where you need to be!

  • Carl

    timid alone awakened reborn freedom

  • Sean Thompson

    Do me a favor: disavow me.

  • AJ Young

    Philadelphia: life transfusion. Always already myself.

  • Matthew R

    There is always a second act.

  • Evan

    My story will never be done.

  • Davis

    Great to be, all of me!

  • Jonathan Hernandez

    I did it all!

  • mark snyder

    bullied. bruised. isolated. survived. thrived. leader.

  • SarahKCS

    Love chose me. I am blessed.

  • P D Lovell

    abandoned abused child succeeds as rent-boy.

  • Chris Covone

    The shoes looked better on me.

  • Gus Gaucher

    I live in a rented house and want to update the living room on the cheap. It has a red carpet and curtians which I don’t want to replace. What is the most contemporary style to paint/decorate the walls and create a clean modern look that will go with the red soft furnishings? Any style tips to inspire modern design? I am taking my time to look for new ideas so hope to get some creative input here. Thanks..

  • Jack Barry

    all my ex boyfriends were straight

  • Sean Thompson

    Haha, amazing!