Best Toy Store

Duck Duck Goose

Theres a smart collection of owner-approved playthings the kind of well-designed, safe, decidedly non-obnoxious games, trikes, dolls and art kits that kids and parents love. But thats only half the story. DDG also sells handmade Etsy-like goods from locals; has an indoor drop-in play space that costs $9 a day; offers group activities like Build-It Fridays and Itch to Stitch Thursdays; and maintains a partnership with the Eilandarts Center, which gives you access to cool classes.

702 Haddon Avenue, Collingswood, NJ | 856-869-5453 | Website

2012 WINNER, Toy Store

Happily Ever After

230 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA

This is the type of charming throwback place that makes shopping for toys fun again. The helpful shopkeep knows everything about every book and toy, whether educational (Uncle Goose language blocks), trendy (Sophie giraffe and Olivia the Pig) or classically collectible (Robert Tonner dolls). We’ll never give in to the big-box lure of a Toys… Read more »

2011 WINNER, Awesome Kids' Toys

Village Toy and Doll Shoppe

60 Peddlers Village, Lahaska, PA

A jam-packed funhouse that makes even avowed kid-haters revisit that whole procreating thing, if only so they’ll have a reason to shop here. Read more »