Best Chef

Richard Landau, Vedge

Almost everyone says the same thing after a first meal here: That was vegan food? Yes, it is- just not the sort that scares you away from Sunday-night potlucks in West Philly. Whether it’s the fresh treasures from Landau’s Dirt List or his knack for deploying tofu skin like pork cracklin’s and actually pulling it off, this animal-free cooking is revelatory, hedonistic and even-dare we say it about a menu free of offal?- gutsy.

1221 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-320-7500 | Website

2013 WINNER, New Chef

Chris Kearse, Will

1911 East Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

In this era of charcuterie, rusticity and guilty-pleasure food thrills, it takes a lot for a chef to make a name for himself for playing with tweezers rather than a cleaver. But Kearse, with his immaculately composed plates, understanding of how to balance art, modernity and flavor, and bone-deep knowledge of the classic French canon,… Read more »

2012 WINNER, Chef

George Sabatin, Stateside

1536 East Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

Follow the Stateside maestro’s Instagram feed and you’ll see a creative chef at play. Eat his food and you’ll know how he’s made Stateside one of the most enjoyable dining destinations in the entire city. Read more »

2011 WINNER, Chef

Jeff Michaud, Osteria

640 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA

Why? Because he started cooking at 13. Because he did time in Aspen before coming to work for Marc Vetri at his eponymous Philly restaurant and then, when Michaud decided that he needed to learn more about Italian cooking, just up and moved to Lombardy, where he spent three years walking the earth like Kwai… Read more »

2010 WINNER, Chef

Terrence Feury, Fork

306 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA

You won’t find him on the Food Network or pressing the flesh in the dining room, but that doesn’t mean Feury isn’t a star. He just shines where it counts: on the plate. After making a splash nearly a decade ago at Striped Bass, Feury moved from project to project before landing at Old City’s… Read more »