Eagles Wake-Up Call: Pick-By-Pick Draft Review

Howie Roseman, Carson Wentz, Jeffrey Lurie and Doug Pederson. (USA Today Sports)

Howie Roseman, Carson Wentz, Jeffrey Lurie and Doug Pederson. (USA Today Sports)

There is one — and only one — grade you should really give the Eagles for their 2016 draft picks. That letter?

‘I’, for incomplete.

Often times, grades are based on value for picks, but we forget that a lot of the “value” is created by the media. If a team selected someone in the second round whom most “draft experts” had pegged as a third-round pick, that doesn’t necessarily mean he was a “reach.” And if a team takes a prospect in the sixth round whom many in the media had as a fifth-round pick, that doesn’t necessarily mean they got “good value.”

Some media members consult teams about their round projections on certain players, but there’s no universal big board across the league. The only real way to determine if someone was a reach or not is to wait five years. Read more »

Pederson: Bradford, Cox ‘Losing Valuable Time’

Doug Pederson. (USA Today Sports)

Doug Pederson. (USA Today Sports)

Sam Bradford and Fletcher Cox are in different situations. While the Eagles don’t appear to want the quarterback long term, they hope to build their defense around the Pro Bowl tackle.

Still, according to Doug Pederson, they’re in the same boat when it comes to holding out of voluntary workouts.

“Anybody that’s not in any of the 32 offseason programs is losing valuable time at that club,” Pederson said. “So anybody that’s not in the offseason program, yes, would lose the time.” Read more »

Smallwood On ’14 Arrest: ‘I Never Did Any Of That’

Wendell Smallwood. (USA Today Sports)

Wendell Smallwood. (USA Today Sports)

West Virginia running back Wendell Smallwood led the Big 12 in rushing last season with more than 1,500 yards, but the Eagles were able to draft him in the fifth round, potentially in part because of off-the-field concerns.

In July of 2014, Smallwood was charged with witness intimidation in relation to a murder case. According to the Delaware News Journal, the charges were officially dropped after Smallwood’s friend pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

“I never came to anyone, tried to give them — as they were saying — recanted statements or anything like that. I never tried to get someone out of something. I never did any of that. I think it came to light at the end of the day, and that’s why the DA made the decisions they did,” Smallwood said at his introductory press conference. Read more »

Eagles Draft RB Wendell Smallwood

Wendell Smallwood. (USA Today Sports)

Wendell Smallwood. (USA Today Sports)

UPDATE: Soon after Smallwood was drafted, inappropriate tweets (Warning: NSFW Link) from his account surfaced, including several from 2011. Smallwood later deleted his Twitter account.

Howie Roseman addressed the tweets and Smallwood’s 2014 arrest, when according to NFL.com, Smallwood was accused of intimidating a witness in a fatal shooting case. According to the Delaware News Journal, prosecutors dropped the charges against Smallwood after his friend plead guilty to second-degree murder. Read more »

The Eagles’ Draft Options During the Final Day


Daniel Lasco. (USA Today Sports)

With just two picks in the first 150 selections of the draft, the Eagles chose Carson Wentz and Oregon State offensive lineman Isaac Seumalo. The final four rounds kick off at noon today on ESPN and NFL Network.

Here are the Eagles’ picks:

  • Fifth round: 153d overall selection
  • Fifth round: 164th overall selection (from Pittsburgh)
  • Sixth round: 188th overall selection
  • Seventh round: 233d overall selection
  • Seventh round: 251st overall selection (from Arizona)

Read more »

Wingenbach: How the Eagles Scouted Carson Wentz

Ron Wingenbach. (Photo by: Josh Paunil)

Ron Wingenbach. (Photo by: Josh Paunil)

BISMARCK, ND — When Roger Goodell announced the Eagles’ selection of Carson Wentz with the second pick in the draft last night, Bismarck, North Dakota erupted. Thousands of people gathered in the same stadium Wentz played some of his high school games in, and nearly everyone seemed to be jumping for joy or screaming at the top of their lungs.

Everyone except Ron Wingenbach.

Wentz’s high school coach instead let out a fist pump, as he seemed to be almost as relieved afterward as he was excited. While many at the Wentz watch party booed the Rams’ selection of Jared Goff over their hometown hero, Wingenbach wasn’t very surprised. After the Eagles traded up for the No. 2 pick, they sent Wingenbach team gear almost as soon as the deal happened. Read more »

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