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Val Koganski

NIM Longevity



Named the Smartest Family Physician™ in America and the #1 Smartest Doc™ Internist, Dr. Koganski is a rare find. He believes in a holistic approach to medicine. "I treat the whole person" he says. "It's very important to understand the underlying causes of each problem and their interaction with other ailments."

Dr. Koganski is dually certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM). He combines the latest advances in Primary Care with Longevity Medicine and Functional Medicine.

Longevity Medicine aims to prolong vitality, meaning not just more years of life, but more healthy, happy, active years of life. We don’t mask signs of aging via cosmetic procedures, but work to prevent and reverse effects of aging from the inside. Many factors contribute to longevity. Genetics determine our predisposition to certain diseases, but environmental and lifestyle choices affect the outcome on our health. The objective is not to just extend life, but to increase our health span, the robust, vivacious portion of our lives. Aging is a disease that should and can be treated aggressively!

Functional Medicine is a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of the root-causes of diseases that examines interactions between genetic, environmental, lifestyle and emotional factors. Dr. Koganski specializes in preventing and treating heart disease/cholesterol, diabetes/obesity, autoimmune disorders, thyroid/hormone imbalances, IBS/digestion problems and many other complex, chronic ailments.

He executes this in a variety of ways using nutrition, exercise, mind/body emotional health, acupuncture, biopuncture, homeopathy, herbal supplements, biofeedback, hyperbaric oxygen treatments and infrared sauna as needed, to restore the long-term health and vitality of each individual.

Dr. Koganski offers a Concierge Program to his patients; which enables him to devote more time to each patient's comprehensive care; focusing on functional medicine evaluations; in-depth genetic testing; nutritional and health coaching to achieve true wellness.

"If you can't find answers in a regular practice; the Concierge Program and Functional Medicine approach may be the answer for your health and well-being" says Dr. Koganski.

List the treatments and procedures you offer:

Concierge Personalized Care Program
Longevity Program
Functional Medicine Evaluations and Care Plans
Nutritional Counseling
Health Coaching – Mind/Body Counseling
Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Test (CIMT)
Biometric Testing
Epigenetic Testing
A G E Scanner – Health/Body/Skin Age
Autonomic Nervous System Testing
Advanced Lipids/Cholesterol Evaluation


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Preventive Medicine; Complex Diagnosis; Concierge Medicine