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Best Arch-Salvage Shop

2017 Best Arch-Salvage Shop


If this acclaimed arch-salvage outfit is good enough for Wm. Mulherin’s Sons, Lokal Hotel and Barbuzzo, it’s good enough for you.

1801 North American Street, #1E, Philadelphia, PA | 215-925-2002 | Website

2016 Best Philadelphia Salvage Company

Philadelphia Salvage Company

2234 West Westmoreland Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

Wear closed-toed shoes and prepare to digas you navigate this heralded salvage company’s new location, a 30,000-square-foot warehouse crammed with reclaimed lumber, light fixtures, doors, […] Read more »

2014 Best ReStore of Philadelphia

ReStore of Philadelphia

3016 East Thompson Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

What happens to the gorgeous original finishes that are ripped out of historic Philly homes when they undergo renovations? They wind up in this two-story […] Read more »