In Between Angry Tweets, Buzz Bissinger Wrote a Book

Buzz Bissinger can be a major lout. It’s a funny thing to say about the best writer in the city, but few who know him would disagree. It’s doubtful even he’d object. I once criticized something he wrote for the Daily News that struck me as beneath his formidable talent. He shot me an email that said: “ … what you wrote was a gratuitous cheap shot that you tried to mitigate with faint praise. Maybe the best writer in the city? Gee thanks. Such a big honor.” Read more »

Daily News Sportswriter Mark Kram’s New Book Draws on Philly Experience

Mark Kram, Jr., who writes about sports as his day job, has a new book, his first. It’s called Like Any Normal Day. It’s nonfiction, a story he first reported for his newspaper, and though sports provide the context it’s really about the cruel twist of fate. It’s a story so rife with moments of heartbreak you want to take a knee. Read more »

Hot Chicks in Underpants

I just watched a video of a woman showing off her apartment in her underpants. It was titled “Me and My Place.” It was handsomely shot and cleverly edited. Music by Spiritualized played in the background. I like the music of Spiritualized. The woman in the underpants was Carly Craig. She’s an actress. She’s in that new Three Stooges movie.

Read more »

20th Street’s Good Samaritan

My car went suddenly dead as I turned the corner at Chestnut onto 20th. It was rush hour.

I turned the ignition. It wanted to start, it sounded like it would, but it just wouldn’t.

I tried again. Nothing. And again. Read more »

Bring Back the Draft

How you feeling about that war in Afghanistan these days? Ready to sign up for duty?

Afghanistan is the war no one covers much, the war that rarely comes up in presidential debates, the war being fought in the rural hills and mountains of a country with a corrupt government a bazillion miles from here, the war with an enemy that specializes in sleight of hand, the war where nothing is ever as it seems or like anything we’ve ever seen. Read more »

10 Reasons Why the New York Times Is Worth the Dough

Yesterday the New York Times announced that it will cut back the number of articles it allows nonsubscribers to read free, from 20 a month to 10. After 10 reads, the site will prompt the reader to sign up for a subscription.

I know what you’re thinking. There will be ways to sneak around, under and over the NYT wall.

Right you are, Sherlock. Read more »

Gingrich and Santorum Don’t Represent Real Catholics

No Catholic I know, whatever their feelings about the canon of righteousness they were imbued with as a kid, is in any mood to stand up for the wonders of Catholicism these days.

You can thank widespread perversion, a pervasive cover-up and the arrogance of Church power for that. You probably heard tell of it. Read more »

Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Didn’t Originally Allow Black Dancers

Dick Clark’s a fraud.

On the face of it, a harsh charge, particularly given that Clark, now 82, once omnipresent on our TV screens, is now seen only fleetingly (and maybe not fleetingly enough) only on New Year’s Eve, due to a massive stroke seven years ago.

Harsh though it may be, a new book, by California professor Matt Delmont—The Nicest Kids in Town: American Bandstand, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and the Struggle for Civil Rights in 1950’s Philadelphia—calls out Clark for being just that. Read more »

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