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Abington Friends School

Abington Friends School

Type: Day
Gender: Coed


Families looking for a meaningful education for their child—one that embraces bold convictions, has an ambitious curriculum and provides opportunities for experiential learning—will find a good fit at Abington Friends School. If you want your child to follow their curiosity, then you will find an enriching community at AFS. Guided by Quaker principles, our approach to education isn’t solely academic. One of the core beliefs of the Religious Society of Friends is that every person, regardless of age, creed, gender, economic status or social position, has the light of the divine. We aim to nurture that light and teach students how to use their gifts to grow that light in others. Every child has potential to change the world if they are given the opportunity to explore, reflect and be inspired. While many schools are fixated on test scores, we believe that helping children discover their talents and strengths is essential to a successful education. We seek deep understanding and welcome the diversity of perspective that allows each member of our community to feel seen.


Experiential Learning, Global Travel, Athletics, Award-winning Theatre Productions, Band, Chamber Singers, Robotics, Affinity Clubs and Groups, Model UN, Environmental Action and Justice Club

Awards or Certifications:

Award-Winning Visual Arts Program
Award-Winning High School Theatre Program
35 Friends School League Athletic Championships
Award-Winning Robotics Team
Top school for producing diversity, equity and social justice curriculum

What is your teaching or educational philosophy?

Every AFS student is fully prepared for the challenges of learning at the next level. They are also prepared for much more: to be kind and wise and face the future with a sturdy sense of self. Through thoughtful explorations in the classroom, with a constant focus on seeking deeper understanding and building the powers of analytical and creative thinking and strong, clear self-expression.

What is your mission statement?

Abington Friends School, founded in 1697 under the care of Abington Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), educates students by integrating: Friends principles, practices and testimonies; intellectual excellence, tied to strength of character and personal talents; and moral, physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellness.




Experiential Learning. Outdoor Education. Pre-professional programs in farming, medicine, business and law. Spanish language immersion starting at age 3. Quaker Education. Theater and the Arts. Diversity, equity and social justice.