Friday Lunch at Vetri

Considering that dinner here can cost upwards of $155 per person, an $85 meal out of the very same kitchen, cooked by the very same […]

Dino’s Backstage & the Celebrity Room

Michael and Dino Kelly-Cataldi’s 1940s-style supper club is a throwback to a time when going out to eat meant going out to dine, with fat […]

Kate Rohrer of ROHE Creative

Remember the moment when you first stepped inside Harp & Crown? Of course you do. And surely you remember how cool you felt ducking through […]

Perla’s Kamayan Dinner

On Wednesday and Sunday nights, this minimalist dining room strips itself of its contemporary Filipino sensibilities and genteel service, puts bamboo leaves on the table, […]

Mistral KOP

In Princeton, Mistral is a lauded fine-dining restaurant offering short rib Wellington and fluke crudo. At its new expansion, it offers riblets, chicken wings and […]


One part ladylike sophistication (tailored silk jackets), two parts dreamy romanticism (ruffled frocks galore) and a dash of boho-cool (fringed shawls from the ’30s) make […]


Resistance to change is usually a restaurant’s death knell, but the fact that Saloon has never succumbed to trends (it’s more than 50 years old!) […]

Alpine Arnica Deep Tissue Massage at the Logan

Ignore the dim lights, soft music and aromatic oils; you’re not here to relax. You’re here to work—or, rather, be worked on, with a massage […]

The Good Deal at Stock

Everything about this soup-focused restaurant—from the size to the decor to the menu—is intentionally pared down. It’s that way because chef- owner Tyler Akin wants […]

Sky Cafe

The original Sky Cafe on Ritner Street, serving Indonesian food, burned to ashes in a disastrous fire nearly two years ago. We went whew when […]


Be sure to call and place your order ahead of time, because as the menu says, Southern food is not fast food.

La Mula Terca

Restaurants nowadays are highly focused, so it’s easy to ignore spots that are trying to do everything instead of something. But don’t ignore La Mula […]

Joe Grooming Lounge at Duross & Langel

The latest addition to this soap shop and salon is a perfectly chic and masculine barbershop located just outside the women’s salon. You can get […]

Kanella Grill

When Kanella moved east, chef Konstantinos Pitsillides used the old spot as an opportunity to give us more Cypriot food? Turns out this tightly edited […]

Saved Me

Need a quick puppy fix? Volunteer to walk a dog at Saved Me: There’s not much paperwork, so it’s perfect for those spur-of-the-moment urges for […]