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Fifty Shades of Planning

PA/ NJ/DE/NY & Beyond

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We want to get to know you, your story, the dynamics of everything. We want to know what you’ve always dreamed of….we want to go on that journey together. We don’t want to just be the person you call to find out where to send the check. We want to be the person you call when you’re absolutely frustrated, broken down, stressed, and about to give up…we want to take care of you. We want to take all of the worry away, and want you to always be confident that it will be everything you always dreamed it would be..no “T’s” uncrossed, no “I’s” undotted….even the things you forget, we'll remember for you…for no other reason than you absolutely deserve it. With all the things you do for the best day ever, do the biggest one for yourself, hire the planner.

Services you offer:

Wedding planning, Curation, Design,Production
Contract reviews as well as meetings with vendors and venues to discuss wanted changes, enhancements, financials. Basically the voice, eyes, ears for the client. We make sure they are being listened to an don't just become another couple riding the wedding machine of mass produced events.
Full scale planning up to 2 years in advance
Partal Plannig
Day of services that start 3 months before the wedding
Rehearsal Dinners/After parties/Day after Brunches
Honeymoon Planning
*We also offer the above services for fine events like bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, kids parties, family reunions, private in home dinner parties with personal chefs, bar/bat mitzvah's, ..the list is endless. If you have a party idea, you bet we can make it come to life.

Awards or Certifications

We have been featured in Wedding Chics, Inside Weddings, Ceremony Magazine, Philadelphia Wedding Magazine

What is your typical process for working with a new client?

Chat chat chat ...over bubbles if possible. I like to meet with the potential client to get a feel for them and exchange energy. I don't just take notes, I sit and listen and exchange laughs and stories. The trust building between client and owner begins right away. First impressions are everything, so we really pride ourselves on making the right connections with future possibilities.
Once we sign, we get right to work wether it's full scale or day of, any and all packages begin way before your date. We believe in putting in the time to discover you, what you're dreaming of, what you have already put the work into and done . From the moment we sign with you we want there to be a big sigh of relief. Let us take care of you. Don't lift a finger...we want your whole experience to feel like pampering. From sending you emails with links to our recommended vendors that we specifically choose for your footprint, or being the best dog handlers for your city engagement photos, with the added extra of a makeup and hair touch-up…we’ve got you!

What services are you most excited to offer?

I've always had a gift for service, could be from my roots of being in the service industry from the young age of 17. Believe it or not, that same career carried me through starting and developing my business. I was pounding the waiter pavement during the first few years of opening my company. Slinging raw bars and charcuterie in one of Philly's most famous restaurants at night, and rising up extra early every morning to build client relationships and the service that we give them. The slogan that we use is 100 percent true. With all the things you do for the best day ever, do the biggest one for yourself and HIRE THE PLANNER. We want to bring you service at its highest level, walking you through each and every part, not holding your hand, but holding you up.

We want to do it all for you and watch you relax into the engagement, one of the most magical times. We love taking over your big file folder and digging in, connecting with the vendors you've already signed, collaborating with floral on your design, going over your contracts, speaking to vendors on your behalf, offering loads of advice and suggestions, and most of all...being an extension of you. So you can checkout and enjoy any time you wish..we'll still be there holding down the ship...always.

What makes your business stand apart?

It was important to me that I set myself apart from all of these other “planners/coordinators/event designers.” I can’t tell you how many times I've come across the words “just for you” “custom” “boutique” “your day”…I always thought to myself…”well, that’s a given”…obviously those things should be understood…it’s what else that makes the difference and sets one company apart from the other.

I wanted to create something beyond that…a personal, emotionally invested experience from us. Not just another spreadsheet, not just another invoice, not just another trip to look at linens. We are the company that hones in on exactly what your looking for. We want to bring fresh ideas to the table. We want to build a close and personal relationship with you. We want to know and feel the meaning behind why your event is what it should be. We don’t just want to be working for you, we want to be there for you..beyond the pomp and circumstance of the “emergency kit” or the recommendation “of the best caterer ever!” We are a client concierge. No hours of operation..just there for you ALWAYS

What do clients have to say about you?

Jade & Brian
My only mistake in this process was not finding Fifty Shades of Planning soon enough. I could have been sipping cold bubbles and smiling months ago! I've literally felt like a weight was lifted off of my chest after we signed with her. It didn't take long for me to see how she works and to begin to trust the process. She does everything, and that was hard for me, because letting go and trusting someone isn't easy , but HUGE in my book. She proved herself and then some. Hire THIS Planner!

Melissa & Ken
We never knew our journey with Fifty Shades of Planning would be 3 years in the making, but Jeanine proved herself very worthy of the undertaking. We were a "Covid wedding couple," and although I hate to use that as a label, it's important to know because without our planner we would have never been able to get through it all. What started as lovely full scale planning in 2019, turned into a rollercoaster of emotions, fears, vendor/venue issues, parent complaints, guest cancellations, and just a general loosing steam. Jeanine made me feel better about all of it the entire time. I've coined her "my fairy godplanner." She kept me sane, afloat, motivated, and most of all excited that I was in the best hands possible. Our connection stays strong even after the wedding. Cheers to Fifty Shades of Planning.

Keith & Marie
You don't see most groom's writing the reviews, but I have to step forward and say "Thank you" Jeanine and the Fifty shades of Planning Team for making my true love, my wife so ridiculously happy. This was a second wedding for her but the first for me. She would have been happy with a justice of the peace lol. But I had other visions and dreams to marry my beautiful lady, I just didn't have the time to plan it all and make the vision come to life..Jeanine did. She took our love of Tuscany, where we got engaged, and brought it to life right in front of our eyes. Every person that she curated to be a part of the team was a perfect fit, so us. I found that fascinating. She really got to know us and built a relationship with us. And when it came time for her to introduce us to who we should be using, it felt as if we hand picked them ourselves. Talk about knowing us to a T.

It was one of the best days of my life, heck, best years of my life. I really got to take it all in with my wife, sit back and just enjoy the ride. That's priceless in my book, and so was the smile my love had the entire time. I know a huge part of that was because of Fifty shades of Planning. I'd hire her again and again. Vow renewal every year? Sounds good to me !

Hours of operation

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You need us, we're there. All clients have my personal cell, for questions or 2 AM meltdowns.

What geographic areas do you serve?

All of NJ/ PA/DE/ NY and beyond.

What items or products you can provide to clients?

We have a small array of rentals, from signage to furniture, place card & gift card props, chargers and napkins, candles, backdrops, a little bit of everything, but we are by no means a full scale rental company.


Curation, Design & Production, Planning, Organization, Personal Concierge, Great wedding advice, The best time ever, Building close relationships with our clients, All things YOU, Litigating your contracts, Vendor connections, Ease, Stress Free, Time to enjoy each other and watch it all unfold, Smile, Drink Bubbles, Celebrate before the big day, Do you, we'll do the rest, There for you every step of the way, Always an ear to listen, We work for you, We are your voice, TRUST, Relationships with you, Taking care of it all