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Hi! I’m Jess of Jessica Manns Photography. I’m the wedding photographer for couples who love out loud. Whose personalities are reflected not only in their lifestyle, but on their bodies, in their homes, and through their stories. I photograph the makers, the dreamers, the creators, and the rare birds. I'm a classically trained film photographer who loves vibrant colors, emotion, romance, and having fun with the wedding process. My work balances both the spontaneous, emotional, and un-posed moments of a wedding day with the artfully composed, styled, editorial details that reflect my background as a painter.

I have a photojournalistic and artistic approach while still staying in the bounds of tradition (hello, family formals) and steering clear of the stuffy posed fluff. By the end of the wedding, we’ll have a secret handshake and BFF charm bracelets. If you’re looking for someone obsessed with The Office (it’s a problem, honestly), with a sarcastic wit, and a love for snacks, I’m your girl. Did we just become best friends?!  

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