This Week in Comedy

by Patrick Rapa | December 7, 2017 9:00 am

John Waters performs his Christmas show at Union Transfer on Saturday. (Admire Entertainment)

Chlamydia Dell’arte @ Good Good Comedy Theatre[1] | Thursday, December 7
Gigi Naglak and Meghann Williams host their “Sex-Ed (Holiday) Burlesque” show three nights in a row at Good Good. Expect something smutty and maybe a little educational. Mostly smutty, though.

Earthquake @ Punchline[2] | Thursday-Saturday, December 7-9
The Philly appearance of this raucous D.C. standup comic was foretold by last week’s seismic event. For real: Earthquake’s the funniest guy in history to accidentally drop a nuclear weapon.[3] I tried to find a clip of his that wasn’t dirty, but what’s the point? This one is NSFW in ways you’ll never see coming. You have been warned:

Hal Sparks @ Helium[4] | Thursday-Saturday, December 7-9
The Talk Soup/Queer As Folk/Dude Where’s My Car? alum does standup. According to Wikipedia, Sparks 1) is a Freemason 2) has never had alcohol [citation needed] and 3) named his son Camden. I feel like we know him a lot better now.

The Roast of Your 15-Year-Old Self @ Good Good Comedy Theatre[5] | Friday, December 8
Comedians talk about how awful they were when they were younger. Hosted by Alise Morales (of Betches[6]). Performers include Pete Steele, Kyle Harris, Shannon Fahey, Michael Kelly and Max Barth.

Beth and Ralph’s Porn Stash @ PHIT[7] | Friday, December 8
Beth Eisenberg and Ralph Andracchio present the holiday edition of their fan-favorite comedy show inspired by strange pornography they found online. This month, their panel includes Yemima Cohen, Eoin O’Shea, Brian Finnell and Sarah Bell.

Sean Conroy @ PHIT[8] | Saturday, December 9
The comedian performs his standup show The World’s Smallest Giant. Conroy has performed on Conan and written for several shows including Key & Peele, Crossballs and Adult Swim’s Mr. Pickles.

John Waters Christmas @ Union Transfer[9] | Saturday, December 9
The famous author and director of Hairspray, Serial Mom and Pink Flamingos performs his one-man show. Bring the kids for some wholesome holiday fun. JK.

Dreamgurlz @ Good Good Comedy Theatre[10] | Saturday, December 9
Standup and storytelling by NYC comedians/BFFs Christi Chiello, Marie Faustin, Sydnee Washington and Molly Austin.

Hard, Lonely, & Vicious @ Helium[11] | Sunday, December 10
Rae Sanni, Rojo Perez, the hilarious Dina Hashem, Shane Gillis, Lindsay Boling, Mara Marek and Mike Falzone participate in some kind of standup comedy drinking game. Peggy O’Leary[12] hosts.

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