Arts Shortlist: Give PIFA Chance

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Diavolo's Fluid Infinities

Diavolo’s Fluid Infinities

Stand @ Kimmel Center[1] | Through April 23
Aartist Shay Church and Clay Studio present “a large-scale public installation of a forest comprised of armatures made from reclaimed wood and covered in wet clay.” Artist talk April 13. A PIFA thing.

Architecture in Motion @ Merriam Theater[2] | Thursday, April 14
L.A. dance group Diavolo[3] presents two visually impressive works, Fluid Infinities and Cubicle. PIFA promises “death-defying dancers free in a super-sized playground of wheels, bowls and walls in a unique display of kinetic drama.”

Stamped, Stomped, Stumped @ Painted Bride[4] | April 14-16
A new work by choreographer Reggie Wilson in which “personal histories are shared and entangled within the space of performance.” Part of the Bride’s Re-PLACE-ing Philadelphia[5] series.

Manaries @ FringeArts[6] | April 14-16
“Taking iconic and arbitrary symbols, dancer Florencia Vecino explores a catalogue of gestures, pictures, poses, sculptures—mixed, as if by a DJ, to generate, to build, and to be destroyed.” Choreographer and directed by Luis Garay, who also offers a master class[7] this weekend.[8]

Kristina Wong

Kristina Wong

Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers @ Prince Music Theater[9] | April 14-16
The South Philly dance company presents “superbly trained dancers and inventive choreography.”

The Wong Street Journal @ Kimmel Center[10] | April 14-16
PIFA presents a solo performance by comedian/performance artist Kristina Wong. “Part plushy TED lecture, part amateur hip-hop extravaganza, and part travelogue.”

Concerto in Sea Major @ public fountains[11] | April 15-17
Free performances by French group Aquacoustique who will be making music and splashing around town all weekend. Friday: Magnolia Garden Fountain. Saturday: Rodin Museum Fountain. Sunday: Penn Museum’s Stoner Courtyard Fountain. Multiple performances per day. Yep, it’s a PIFA thing.

Philly Art Collective 7th Installment @ Open Space[12] | Friday, April 15
“We will have two levels of live art, live musical performances, and complimentary food & drinks.” Yeah, I don’t have a lot of details about this.

My Soul’s Shadow @ Barnes Foundation[13] | Friday, April 15
Chicago collective Manual Cinema presents “a cinematic shadow puppet show and installation based on the life and work of Spanish poet and playwright Federico García Lorca.” A PIFA thing, of course.

ArcheDream in Technicolor @ Shiloh Baptist Church[14] | April 15-17
Dance performance enhanced by blacklights. Also check out Alan Bell’s “20 Years of Masks in the Making” in the lobby.

PHILADANCO: Global Artistry @ Kimmel Center[15] | April 15-17
The Philadelphia modern dance company presents world premieres by Thang Dao, Francisco Gella and Ray Mercer under the PIFA umbrella.

Paper Planet @ Kimmel Center[16] | Through April 23
Australian group Polyglot Theatre presents an interactive installation of cardboard trees. Such a PIFA thing.

Aquacoustique [Photo by P@tou-Shooting]

Aquacoustique [Photo by P@tou Shooting]

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