Instagram User Finds Gorgeous Ice Sculpture in Fairmount Park

From Instagram user @moiety12.

From Instagram user @moiety12.

Imagine taking a snowy morning walk through Fairmount Park and suddenly encountering what appears to be a life-sized queen made of ice under a bridge.

I’m not sure if I’d run and scream or watch it in awe, but one Instagrammer, @moiety12, captured the mysterious piece of frozen art via a fabulous picture:

To give you a better sense of scale, here’s another shot of the Ice Queen next to a living, breathing human:

I get the opportunity to get closer acquainted with #Shiva as Don has named her #IceQueen A photo posted by Matty Lucas (@moiety12) on

Our fabulous Instagrammer later tracked down the artist who created the beautiful icy sprite: His name is Don Harrison. He worked overnight to create the sculpture. Get the man some hot chocolate and a nice campfire!

Thanks to Street Dept for originally sharing this really cool (no puns intended) story, yet another reason why Philly constantly surprises us every day.