“LOVE” Artist to Be Honored in Worldwide Exhibit

by Josh Middleton | August 28, 2014 9:46 am

Photo by Lauren Casselberry | File

Photo by Lauren Casselberry | File

Robert Indiana, the Maine-based pop artist who designed the “LOVE[1]” sculpture that’s made our John F. Kennedy Plaza so famous, is being honored in a worldwide exhibit in conjunction with his 86th birthday on September 13th.

The celebration is called International HOPE Day, in honor of his “HOPE[2]” sculpture that follows a similar theme as “LOVE[1].” It will take place in the form of installations and events in Munich, Caracas, Miami, New York City and his hometown of Vinalhaven, Maine. Sadly Philly isn’t included. 

Indiana will make a public appearance outside his home on that day, and there will be a large “HOPE[2]” sculpture installed in commemoration.


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