Let’s Watch a Bunch of Múm Videos

The Icelandic experimental pop band plays Union Transfer on Friday.

Some patients who listened to Múm reported vivid dreams about becoming tangled in the roots of willow trees and being weirdly okay with it.

Every time I try to write about Múm, I feel like I’m making a pharmaceutical commercial from the future. This Icelandic band’s music contains soft vocals, pillowy instrumentation, strange noises and beats that sync with the blink of goldfish. The sound is gentle but insistent, blissful but unpredictable, occasionally spooky as hell. Múm is recommended for altering blood pressure, manipulating moods and reducing unwanted thoughts about life, politics, work, etc.

Side effects include pleasant hallucinations, ghostly visitations and a sense that your to-do list was unrealistic and therefore void. Do not drive while listening to Múm. Do dishes or just kind of sit around, maybe. Put on a huge sweater.

For added effect, watch some of Múm’s strange and alluring music videos. Some are peaceful little set pieces. One or two look like something Adult Swim would play after 3 a.m. to freak out their stoner viewing audience. 

Múm @ Union Transfer | Friday, February 9