Listen Here: Three Philly Bands Dropping New Music This Week

Saturday must be Record Release Day or something.

The Up! Up! Ups! play Creep Records pm Saturday. It's also singer Molly's birthday.

The Up! Up! Ups! play Creep Records on Saturday. It’s also singer Molly’s birthday.

Circadian Rhythms @ PhilaMOCA | Saturday, May 13
At press time, the only track I can stream from Circadian Rhythms’ new record A Peculiar Kind Of Afternoon is this one, “The Wait.” But I’m liking what I’m hearing: a kind of gentle, dreamy, synthy pop ditty with breathy vocals and strings. A sweet little trumpet sneaks in here and there, too (a signature Circs move). As for the rest of the album, we’ll have to wait.

Old Arrows @ Ortlieb’s | Saturday, May 13
I like the way Old Arrows does rock ’n’ roll. A strong lead guitar and Chris Woodhead’s gruff and grumbly vocals set the tone for a generally earthy, urgent Americana undertaking. (I’m hearing hints of Bob Seger and Wilco, maybe.) The melodies are resilient and the choruses are strong; you have something to sing along to. The new four-song Rebuild You is a snapshot of the band doing what it does best. By the way, their 2015 LP Proof of Past Lives is free to download here. Rec’d.

Up! Up! Ups! @ Creep Records | Saturday, May 13
This release show is a vinyl two-fer for Philly’s Up! Up! Ups!. The snarky, snarling power-punk band is dropping both the Everytown, USA EP and a split seven-inch with apparently unkillable British punks Abrasive Wheels (founded in 1976!). The Up! Up! Ups! are fierce, funny and fast, sure, but there’s something classic and catchy going on here. More straight-up rock than rockabilly. Plus, they have a sweet side. “I’m the denim to your leather” means I love you.

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