See a Rock Musical Mash-up Tonight Only in Old City

Lizzie and JIB join forces at Christ Church Neighborhood House.

Rock musicals JIB and Lizzie team up tonight. Photo provided

Rock musicals JIB and Lizzie team up tonight. Photo provided

Get two for the price of one when the cast of the upcoming Lizzie joins the cast of JIB for a one-night-only collaboration, tonight at Christ Church Neighborhood House in Old City.

JIB is a new Kickstarter-funded rock musical out of Brooklyn, from Old Sound Room and the Windmill Factory, with songs by Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls and Jason Webley. It tells the story of a singer-songwriter, a reporter, and a dead composer, all unknowingly contributing to the same evolving score. And there’s a multimedia twist: Every night the show, including the audience, is recorded, creating a “live film.”

To bridge the NYC-Philly divide, the JIB team has been inviting local artists to perform before the shows. Tonight, 11th Hour Theatre Company is bringing a sneak peek of their upcoming production of the all-female rock opera Lizzie, which will also be at Christ Church Neighborhood House.

Lizzie, opening January 12th, 2017, is about the infamous Lizzie Borden, tried but acquitted for the ax murder of her father and stepmother in 1892. It’s got all the good stuff — sex, graphic language and violence — so this one is recommended for ages 16 and up.

JIB runs through December 17th.

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