This Week in Arts: From Mac Sabbath to Jesus Christ Superstar

Theater, dance, a demonic Mayor McCheese, etc.

Mac Sabbath plays Underground Arts tonight.

Mac Sabbath plays Underground Arts tonight.

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical @ Academy of Music | Through April 3
Broadway Philly does the Tony-winning musical based on the hit songwriter’s true story. You may feel the earth move under your feet.

Mac Sabbath @ Underground Arts | Wednesday, March 23
I’m torn. On one hand, I’m not the biggest fan of musical subversions (i.e. Pizza Underground, Okilly Dokilly). On the other, Black Sabbath rules. So, fine. I’ll put up with this McDonald’s-themed Sabbath tribute act that does “Frying Pan” to the tune of “Iron Man” and “Sweet Beef” instead of “Sweet Leaf.” But perhaps we should think of it as a weird cabaret act, not a straight-up for-real band. I can categorize how I want! I have no boss I don’t think.

Shake It ‘Til You Make It @ Zellerbach Theater | Wednesday, March 23
Wharton Dance Studio’s spring show.

Jesus Christ Superstar @ Keswick | Thursday, March 24
Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical about Jesus’ last days. ’Tis the season.

Show No Show @ FringeArts | March 24-26
Gabrielle Revlock and Aleksandr Frolov performing an intimate, emotional “dance of a relationship.” Check out the video below.

Sons of the Prophet @ Annenberg Center | March 24-26
Penn students’ performance of the play by Stephen Karam about “a Lebanese-American family in rural Pennsylvania beset by an absurd string of tragedies.”

Conversations with Candy @ PAFA | Thursday, March 24
A conversation between artist Candy Chang and poet CAConrad on the topic of “Art and Ritual.” Chang’s “The Atlas of Tomorrow” mural will be installed this spring near Broad and South. Presented by the Mural Arts Project, obviously.

Mimesis, Stage II @ Icebox | Friday, March 25
A “one-night audio/visual performance” by visual artist Maria Dumlao and sound collage artist Eugene Lew. The sights and the sounds will be warped live before your spiraling eyes. Could be trippy and cool.

Show No Show (promo) from Zonk’a on Vimeo.

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