Five Things You Need to Hear Right Now

Lushlife, Trophy Wife, a Philly comp from 1987 and more

Lushlife's new one is called Ritualize and it's hot.

Lushlife’s new one is called Ritualize and it’s hot.

1. Lushlife/CSLSX, “The Waking World”
Good producers know when to go hard and when to ease up. Philly’s Lushlife is a master at this, letting his subtle, ambient side take over when CSLSX is on a roll — as on this ethereal hip-hop tune featuring Swedish band I Break Horses. And the way this song ends, oh man. Lushlife/CSLSX’s Ritualize album is out now. I recommend you reserve your tickets for the album release shows (Feb. 27 and 28 at Johnny Brenda’s).

2. Trophy Wife, “Body Camera”
This song is both lovely and discordant, engaging and unnerving. Philly duo Trophy Wife is always up for that, and some smart politics, too. This is one half of their Body Camera/Where is North EP, released back in September. They play Boot & Saddle with Ghastly City Sleep and Meddlesome Meddlesome Meddlesome Bells on Friday.

3. Eleanor Friedberger, “My Mistakes”
Once a Fiery Furnace, Eleanor Friedberger has been a solo act for few years now. This song’s an old one but it’s a reliable go-to for cheer-up playlists. A vaguely Cornershop vibe + Friedberger’s butter lettuce voice = upbeat indie pop bliss. She plays Milkboy Philly on Friday with Big Thief and Joey Sweeney and the Long Hair Arkestra.

4. Red Queen Lilith, “Death Letter Blues”
Just a filthy little Son Little cover I found on Bandcamp, done in the style of the White Stripes circa 2002. Red Queen Lilith are a Philly duo apparently, Caitlyn Walker on guitar and vocals, and her little bro Ryan Walker on drums. This is the only song they have posted, as far as I can tell.

5. V/A, Welcome Worlds — Music From Philadelphia
Somebody uploaded this 1987 noise/rock tape onto and I’m glad they did. Quoting Ken Tucker of the Inquirer (2/28/1988): “From the faint, pulsing rhythms of Interplay to the artful squawk of the Shamanistics, Music From Philadelphia does a good job of proving that there’s more to this city’s music than the Hooters. The strain of experimental music that Philadelphia has nurtured over the last few years partakes of rock and jazz as well as the New York avant-garde.” The tape features Executive Slacks, Ruin, The Stick Men and more. Sorry I don’t have a track listing. CORRECTION: Here’s the track listing. And I guess the review I quoted was about some other tape, because the artists names don’t line up. Thank you, DJ Erin Mae Szrankowski of WPRB.