Doogie Horner Releases Debut Album

The ex-Philly comedian refines his focus

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“When I started, my comedy was silly and absurd and I was proud of the fact that I didn’t say anything true. I didn’t say anything I actually believed in,” says comedian Doogie Horner.

Over the past few years, his humor has slowly stripped a fabricated “character” he once embodied on stage, cultivating a more “conversational” approach. That’s the kind of thing you’ll hear on his debut album, Doogie Horner: A Delicate Man.

Like many comedians, Horner has found new material, and new ways to engage the audience, in talking about his personal life. Inspiration struck particularly hard after the birth of his first child in December of 2015.

But the material on A Delicate Man sparked from the emotional and physical “fragility” of his life: getting back surgery, being mocked going to art school.

“I think my comedy is gonna get even more grounded in my day-to-day life and actual beliefs, which I’m not happy about,” Horner says. “But I think that’s direction I have to move in to stay passionate. … You don’t want there to be a divide between your comedy and your life.”

The comedian, who relocated to New York from Philadelphia a few years ago, is possibly most renowned for his presence on America’s Got Talent in 2010, back when the wall between his comedy and personal life was firm.

However, Horner describes his six-months-of-fame as an “upsetting” notoriety, perhaps finding more security simply on the stage of a Philadelphia comedy club.

A Delicate Man was produced at Sansom Street’s Helium Comedy Club, the place he performed his first standup in 2007. He’ll be taking the stage there once again for shows on April 1 and 2.

“I prefer the comedy in Philly [over New York] because it’s such low stakes. Everybody is doing comedy just because they love it… and you can feel that,” Horner explains. “So, you get a lot more really, unusual idiosyncratic, performances in Philly.”

Listen to a sample track from the album, or purchase the album here!