New Music Video: Carol Cleveland Sings, “Wishing Well”

An ABBA-esque song from the world's foremost purveyors of 'Epcot pop.'


Philly/Wilmington duo Carol Cleveland Sings — featuring Gretchen Lohse and Thomas Hughes (of Spinto Band) — calls its sound ‘Epcot pop’ and that pretty much nails it. Just look at this video for “Wishing Well.” It looks like something you’d see in the upper levels of Spaceship Earth, a strangely dated and groovy symbol of mankind’s unending march to progress. Flashy low tech that pretends it’s high tech. (According to Hughes, the video owes some of its aesthetic choices to ’80s French duo Elli et Jacno.) The look is a smart fit for this catchy, ABBA-esque song with cool vocals and endless synths. Above all else, “Wishing Well” is one hundred percent catchy. It’s also the band’s first single from Effervescent Lure, due soon on Humble Twin Records.

Watch it: