Six Songs You Need to Hear Right Now

Dr. Dog, Emily Wells, BC Camplight and more. Most are from Philly. Most are playing here soon.

Emily Wells plays Boot & Saddle Friday, February 5.

Emily Wells plays Boot & Saddle Friday, February 5.

1. Abi Reimold, “Arranged”

Facebook tells me Abi Reimold’s Wriggling won’t get record release treatment until April 28 at Johnny Brenda’s, but you can buy it and listen to it now on Bandcamp, and I’m feeling impatient. Because this record is excellent. We’re starting with track one — a quiet-to-loud, small-to-big, guitar-forward rock song. Dig the strong, moody vocals and clever lyrics. Now add the show to your calendar.

2. Dr. Dog, “Dead Record Player”

Philly’s tough-to-pin-down psych-jam-weirdo rock band Dr. Dog returns with long-in-the-works concept album Psychedelic Swamp. I’m not sure what the concept is, but I like the jubilant handclaps and gospelish backing vocals on this one (debuted on NPR). It’s easy, breezy, feel good pop. Winter’s gonna end.3. BC Camplight, “Just Because I Love You”

Piano pop genius Brian Christinzio/BC Camplight will get one more Philly show in before returns to England from exile. This one should be a blast: just a man and a piano. “I’ll be doing it old-school style,” he says. “Audience yells requests and challenges and I play ’em.” The event, which benefits Saved Me animal rescue, will surely be his last Philly performance for a long while. February 12 at Ortlieb’s.


4. Arc Divers, “When We Met

I’m on a big Arc Divers kick right now. Yesterday I gave you a quiet solo song by Emily Zeitlyn. Now here she is with the whole band getting loud and grouchy; from last year’s stellar Holding Bodies. They play Saturday at Bourbon & Branch.


5. Pinkwash, “Skin”

I just love the way this loud electronic punk duo screams and pounds. They play Boot & Saddle tonight, February 4.


6. Emily Wells, “Symphony 1 in the Barrel of a Gun”

This isn’t a new song or anything, but it’s still gold. Emily Wells is already a favorite for her spooky soul-pop sound, but when she pushes into the classical realm, it’s just plain amazing. She plays Boot & Saddle Friday.