5 Great Non-Music Bowie Moments

The rock star known for reinvention was a larger than life actor, too.

Bowie as Warhol in Basquiat.

Bowie as Warhol in Basquiat.

If you’re not Bowied out yet, please enjoy this mini-film fest.

1. As an actor, David Bowie often found himself playing the David Bowies of other times. Or something. It’s a fame-transference kind of stunt casting. Except he was usually pretty damn good. Here he is doing Andy Warhol in Basquiat (1996).


2. And as Nikola Tesla in The Prestige (2006). I assume this is a good clip, but I can’t be sure, as Elixr is blaring “Modern Love” right now. I do not mind.

3. Of course, The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976) is a cult classic. I love this scene: The shadowy wrinkles, the glittery gun, the weird ear zoom/fadeout…

4. David Bowie played himself a bunch, of course, with Zoolander being the best known. But for Bowie doing Bowie, you really can’t beat the charming, deadpan cruelty of his appearance on Extras (2006).

5. And, of course, there’s Bowie’s turn as Jareth the Goblin King (which co-starred his crotch) in the MuppetLabyrinth (1986). Okay, yes, these last two were music-related.