Patti LaBelle Filming Holiday Cooking Special With YouTube Sweet Potato Pie Fan

Cooking Channel/People

Cooking Channel/People

If you thought the commotion behind those Patti Pies was quieting down, you ain’t seen nothing yet: People Magazine is reporting that the diva is recording a segment on her upcoming Cooking Channel holiday special with none other than the man who helped Wal-Mart sell out of the sweet potato dessert—Mr. James Wright Chanel.

The folks at People are claiming that “the two have become close friends” and that LaBelle sees Chanel “like [a] new son.” Although I find that somewhat hard to believe, the two will be making the now famous sweet potato pie that has flown off of Wal-Mart shelves on the upcoming December 16th show on Cooking Channel.

And, if you’ve never seen the Patti Cooking Channel series before, you are in for something of a treat:

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