PHOTOS: Arc Divers, Angela Sheik and Ponyhof Dazzle at World Café Live

Saturday night, World Café Live Upstairs saw a trio of bands warm up a brisk night. First up was Brooklyn-based Ponyhof. Usually a fourpiece, on this night it was just lead-singer and keyboardist Carrie Erving and cellist Chris Loxley. The duo lit the night with their shimmering indie rock currents.

They set the stage for Angela Sheik. The Wilmington-based singer was a literal one-woman show, looping her voice with an array of sounds, which included an envelope, autoharp, Theremin and some percussive fun with colorful plastic tubes. She put on a stunningly ingenious show — with her soulful vocals at the forefront and she even got audience members to play her mini backing tracks on their phones as she sang along.

Capping off the night was Arc Divers. With their Philadelphia-rooted mixture of rocking out and contemplative moods, they are certainly one-of-a-kind. Led by Emily Ana Zeitlyn’s glorious vocals, the guitar art of Ross Bellenoit, the boisterous bass of Todd Erk and spirited drumming of Thomas Bendel, Arc Divers played a handful of tracks from their underrated 2015 release, Holding Bodies, and some new tracks, as well. They, along with Sheik and Ponyhof, were a necessary musical excursion on a Saturday night, or any night for that matter.

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