Pat Sajak and Vanna White Had Quite the Philly Adventure This Week

The Wheel of Fortune stars were in town to tape segments for a special Philadelphia week of the show that will air next May.

wheel of fortune philadelphia

Pat Sajak and Vanna White filming a segment near the Shambles in Headhouse Square. | Photo by Kory Aversa

Wheel of Fortune‘s Pat Sajak and Vanna White were in Philly this week to tape scenes for a whole week of the show that will be dedicated to Philadelphia. “Everyone tuning in to watch can get a real feel for what it’s like to be in the city,” Vanna White teased in an interview with 6ABC.

“The biggest market when we first started was Philadelphia, so we have a real soft spot in our hearts for the folks in Philly,” Sajak told 6ABC, explaining why they decided to come here. A rep from the show said the episodes will focus on both iconic and unknown local favorite locations. Apparently they darted all around town to get their footage. We tried to follow along the best we could.

Wednesday night they were spotted at Independence Mall, where they got a shot with the Liberty Bell:

Later, they had dinner at South Philly’s iconic Ralph’s Italian Restaurant, which was captured in this clip from 6ABC:

On Thursday, they stopped by the Philadelphia Zoo to check out the tigers in the new Big Cat Crossing exhibit. HughE Dillon got this video of them taping, which shows a cue card with details about “the nation’s very first zoo.”

They also made it to Headhouse Square to film near the Shambles, where South Street Headhouse District Executive Director Michael Harris got all excited about the awareness the episodes will bring to the city. “It’s going to be a great tourism boost for us!,” he wrote in a statement. “Taping in our city’s neighborhoods … highlights the beauty, history and uniqueness of our city. The spots will showcase our world class city to a national audience.”  

wheel of fortune philly

Wonder what those cue cards said? | Photo by Kory Aversa

So far, the show hasn’t released an air date for Wheel of Fortune‘s Philadelphia week, but they say to expect it sometime in May of 2016.