26 Best Places to Take a Philly Photo Day Selfie

You have about seven more hours to make your mark on Greater Philly Photo Day, Philadelphia Photo Arts Center’s initiative to capture a full day in the Greater Philadelphia region via a hodgepodge of photos. After midnight, AAI will begin collecting all the images and putting them together for a special exhibition opening November 12th. They’ll also choose three of the best images to display on billboards in SEPTA stations around town, which is obviously what we’re all shooting for here. To help you get that prize-winning shot, we asked Philly Mag staffers to help us come up with a list of quintessential, impossible-to-beat spots to nab that perfect selfie. Here’s what we came up with:

LOVE Statue on UPenn’s Campus

It’s not the one you’re used to, but this one has trees!

Magic Gardens

Just don’t blind yourself with the flash.

The “Rocky Steps” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

A typical shot, but it always gets tons of likes on Instagram—especially if you point your lens toward the city.

The Adventure Aquarium with Button and Genny

Hippos. Underwater. Winning!


South Philly IKEA Cafeteria

Swedish meatballs, loganberry sauce, and the old SS United States ocean liner to complete the view.

The Finger Span Bridge in the Wissahickon

This one’s for the sweethearts.

Philly Jesus

Don’t blame us if you get stuck listening to one of his preach-raps.

Clark Park

Snap a pic and get a contact buzz all in one sitting.

Selfie with a Beiler’s Donut

Save us a bite.

#thetravelingdonut becomes a part of the Philadelphia skyline. {coconut custard} Photo by @cheatdayeats

Billy Goat Statue in Fitler Square

He has more wear and tear than his Camden brother, but the shine makes him that much more lovable.

Woodlands Cemetery

Put on a contemplative look with Hamilton’s mansion in the background.

The Graffiti Pier

You’ll be upstaged by all the colors, but it’s for the art, man.

The Rainbow Crosswalk in the Gayborhood

But first, grab a drag queen.

New #rainbow crosswalks in #gayborhood

City Hall’s Observation Deck

Wait till sundown, obvs.

Outside of Parc

Actually, don’t take a picture of yourself here; the passersby will give you plenty of inspiration.

Momo Mural at the Sonesta Hotel

It’s not finished yet, but it’s already amaze balls.

Hey @Seanmahanart, @momoshowpalace: what are you up to up there on Market Street? @muralarts #opensourcephl

A photo posted by Philadelphia Magazine (@phillymag) on

Schuylkill Boardwalk

Bonus points if you’re photobombed by a sweaty jogger.

Ben Franklin Bridge Walkway

Not quite the experience you would’ve had pope weekend, but still a winner.

Pier 68

Set your timer and lay across one of those squiggly benches.

Best view of Walmart I'd say. #pier68

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100 Steps at Wissahickon

Make yourself look really tired so people will think you ran to the top.

Across the Street from Independence Hall

If it’s good enough for the pope, it’s good enough for your selfie.

Race Street Pier

From here, you have Philly icons all around you. Just point, click and try not to look too windblown.

Pennypack Park Bandshell

You have 1,300 acres to explore here—and one winning photo. Don’t f*&k it up.

Spring Garden Bridge

Put on a sad face for a heartfelt “#RIPScaryBaby” shot.

Karaoke at Yakitori Boy

Sing something big and anthemic, and tell your friend to snap the shot right when you go for that high note.

@ee_hayes performing #Britney live at #yakitoriboy @bekahsaid @grahsar #birthgayest #kareoke

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Center Island on Broad Street

You may have to push a bride out of the way first.

Be sure to tag all your photos #PhillyPhotoDay on Twitter and Instagram so we can see what you’re up to.