Electric Factory Turns 20 and Gives Out Golden Tickets

Via Shutterstock

Via Shutterstock

Bryan Dilworth, Electric Factory’s talent buyer, announced this afternoon at an event held at the venue at 7th and Willow Street that Electric Factory is not only marking its twentieth year in the music biz by spiffing up the place with renovations, improvements to the lighting and sound system, but is also giving away twenty “Golden Ticket” concert passes to lucky fans.

In what felt like a fun homage to Willy Wonka, Dilworth announced that twenty “Golden Tickets” (actually each “ticket” is a pair of tickets because everyone knows it’s more fun to see a show with a friend) will be given away on October 1 via social media and Electric Factory’s newsletter. To enter, register on their website. Winners gain access to every concert for a full year from October 1, 2015 to October 1, 2016, even the sold-out shows.

Dilworth has already scheduled forty shows just this fall. Here’s a sampling of some of the shows: Kraftwerk, October 2; Franz Ferdinand + Sparks, October 3; Insane Clown Posse, October 7; Danzig, October 16, Chance the Rapper, October 22; Azealia Banks, November 18.

After Dilworth ran through more business — that Electric Factory continues its charitable work, giving a portion of each ticket sale to organizations including Settlement Music School, and that it will partner with local businesses including Peddler Coffee, Philadelphia Brewing Company, Garage Philly and that a new VIP lounge opens sponsored by Han Dynasty restaurant — the testimonials began, praising Larry Magid, in attendance, the music impresario behind 1985’s Live Aid and 2005’s Live 8 and the legendary owner of Electric Factory.

Emcee for the event, Eric Bazilian, guitarist with the Philly band The Hooters, recalled the many times he snuck into the original Electric Factory, on 22nd and Arch streets, when he was just an underage kid crazy for music. He thanked Magid for the support he gave The Hooters. “We opened Live Aid, thanks to him — much to the chagrin of Bob Geldorf,” said Bazilian. “Without Larry, none of us would be here, or really anywhere.”

Radio deejays Ben FMs Marilyn Russell, WXPN’s Dan Reed and WMGK John DeBella also paid tribute to Magid’s deep commitment to the music scene through the decades. “We have a history of music in this city because of Larry Magid. He’s given us all music memories,“ said John DeBella.

Russell summed up the event succinctly as she left the stage: “Rock on party people! Come to the Factory.”