Terrence Howard Claims His Ex-Wife Blackmailed Him With a Threesome Sex Tape

Lafayette Hill-based actor Terrence Howard and his ex-wife Michelle Ghent are in the midst of a nasty court battle. The pair appeared before a judge this morning, where, as reported by TMZ, a witness was called to the stand to testify that Ghent used a threesome sex tape involving the actor to extort him out of money.

The person testifying for Howard was his sister-in-law Yvonne Howard, who told the court Ghent “had [Terrence] by the balls,” claiming to be in possession of a tape that featured him having sex with a woman while another woman videotaped.

“Terrence is trying to get the divorce settlement thrown out on grounds he signed it under duress, claiming Michelle held sex tapes and photos over his head in order to get way more support than she was entitled to receive,” writes TMZ. “She got $5,800 a month for 3 years, even though they were only married for a year.”

Just last week, Ghent filed a civil complaint claiming that her ex-husband punched and strangled her during a vacation in Costa Rica in 2013. Ghent is one of several women who claim to have been assaulted by the Empire star. Last fall, Philly Mag’s Victor Fiorillo wrote that Howard has “been accused of assaulting, hitting, attacking or grabbing women six different times, including an incident with a total stranger in a Montgomery County diner. Only two of the alleged incidents led to criminal charges, and Howard was found guilty of “disorderly conduct” both times.”