WATCH: Handsome Cadet Asks Taylor Swift to His Ring Dance in Parody Video

A 23-year-old Cadet Brett Hagen really wants to take Taylor Swift to the Ring Dance, a party and ceremony where rising seniors in the Air Force Academy receive their class rings. He made a whole parody video that incorporates Swift lyrics into a funny song of his own that he rap-sings around campus.

“Taylor will you fill my blank space? / Taylor will you be my ring dance date? / Taylor, Taylor, will you give me my ring? / I just want to know you a little better than Ed Sheeran.”

It’s actually a well made video, and he sounds good. He’s also pretty easy on the eyes, but what kind of gentleman asks a girl to his dance when he knows she’s got a boyfriend?

“Taylor, I kind of really need you to answer me,” he says at the end of the video. “because I honestly spent like half my paycheck recording this song. So will you go to ring dance with me? No disrespect to Calvin Harris. I know you’ve got a boyfriend. I’m just trying to bring you to Ring Dance and show you a good time. Every pretty girls needs to go to a ball, so Taylor, will you go to Ring Dance with me?”

He’s racked up nearly a 150,000 views on the video so far, but Swift has yet to respond. The dance is in May of 2016, so she has plenty of time. What do you think? Should she accept?