Bruce Springsteen Surprises New Jersey Bar With Nearly 2-Hour Set

On Saturday at Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, band Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers were nearly 20 minutes into their set when they baffled guests by bringing on stage Bruce Springsteen to finish out their nearly two-hour set. More from

Springsteen, who was a regular dropping in and playing Jersey Shore bars more than 25 years ago, doesn’t play out that much anymore except for his appearances at the January Light of Day concerts. But Saturday was one of those special, magical Asbury Park nights that many wondered if we would ever see again. Luckily, there’s still magic in the night.

Bruce was in a great mood and loose. It was as good as bar performance I’ve seen from him in years, and I go back to seeing him play in bars since 1979.

According to the article, Springsteen played 15 songs from his catalogue, including “Talking to the King,” Frankie Fell in Love,” and the closer, “Light of Day,” which he dedicated to the huge crowd of people who had gathered on the sidewalk outside to watch.