Scott Disick Bails On $50K Club Appearance in Atlantic City

Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy  and career party boy Scott Disick was supposed to be in Atlantic City this weekend to appear at a Pool After Dark Party at Harrah’s, but sources say he bailed at the last minute. He was reportedly supposed to earn $50,000 for the appearance, which apparently isn’t enough money for him to bother offering an explanation. Representatives from the club told TMZ that “Disick’s people just informed them he would NOT be there.”

It’s probably better that he doesn’t show up. Disick’s struggle with alcohol addiction has widely been reported in the media. In March he went off to rehab after a night of hard drinking in Atlantic City, but he left before his treatment was over. reports that he entered rehab again after a recent, booze-soaked trip to the South of France, but once again checked out after a few hours.

Here’s hoping this cancelled appearance means he’s somewhere finding real help. The last two things he Instagrammed were a healthy-looking noodle dish, and a 28-day Detox product called FitTea, so maybe he’s on the up and up???