STUDY: Binge-Watching Your Favorite Show Is Making You Depressed

There are ways to maximize your happiness while watching TV, according to a Happify infographic.



You may feel elated when you jump on the sofa to begin binge-watching whatever new show was just released on Netflix, but new findings suggest that happy feeling won’t last long. Well-being site Happify released an infographic based on a variety of studies on TV- and movie-watching that shows, among other things, that people who binge-watch tend to feel depressed and lonely. The study found that binge-watching causes a person to be less physically and mentally productive. So although your brain won’t actually turn to mush, sitting stationary for hours on end while not really accomplishing anything will certainly make it feel rather mush-y.

Other interesting tidbits illustrated in the infographic:

  • Americans see an average of 5 movies a year.
  • 26 percent of Americans prefer watching TV or movies in the evening.
  • Watching TV with ads is more enjoyable than watching commercial-free. (What?!)
  • Comedies improve mood temporarily: They are healthy for your heart, and laughing opens up blood vessels and increases blood flow.
  • Spend some time outdoors. Sunny weather improves mood, memory and creativity.

Check out more of Happify’s findings in the infographic below. It suggests a series of TV-watching practices that’ll keep you up to date on your favorite shows while still maintaining a positive outlook on life.