Rocky Spinoff Finally Extinguishes Italian Market Flaming Barrel

Plus a bunch more cool Philly stuff from the trailer for the Rocky Balboa series' latest film, Creed.

Rocky vs. Creed - Flaming Barrel

Adonis Creed, son of Apollo, re-traces Rocky’s famous Italian Market run in a new spinoff film. The flaming barrel in the Italian Market has finally been extinguished!

The trailer for Rocky spinoff Creed has debuted, and people in Philadelphia are excited. For one, the trailer is fantastic. You can cut a crappy movie into a good trailer, but it gives us hope this will be a solid sports movie. And second, it contains a lot of great shots of Philly!


Look how recent that skyline shot is! It doesn’t even have the PNB letters on One South Broad, and they were just removed in November. This is one up-to-date movie.

Another bonus: After nearly 40 years, the flaming barrel in the Italian Market from the original Rocky has been extinguished. Recently, too, if the smoke emanating from it in the Creed trailer is an indication.

Another teaser for the movie, posted online by boxer Tony Bellew, contains a scene of Adonis Creed — Apollo’s son — running on the Schuylkill Banks boardwalk.

Adonis Creed on the Schuylkill Banks

There’s also a good shot in the trailer of the Victor Cafe, which for the film was transformed into Adrian’s Restaurant.

The indoor boxing gym scenes appear to be at two locations: The empty storefront in Port Richmond that served as the namesake Creed gym, and the Must Fight Boxing Gym in Chester (which serves as Mighty Mick’s in the movie).


Other scenes for Creed were filmed in Aston, Delaware County and, for some reason, at at Goodison Park at halftime of an Everton match. Filming also took place at Johnny Brenda’s.

The trailer saves the best for last, however, as Adonis Creed repeats Rocky’s grey sweatsuit run trailed by ATVs and bikers doing wheelies.

Adonis Creed running

Appropriately for 2015, Creed has a prominent Nike logo on his sweatsuit.