WATCH: Mark Wahlberg Names 57 Movie Characters On the Fly on Fox 29

Remember that scene in the first ‘Ted’ movie where Mark Wahlberg names dozens of girl’s name in a matter of seconds? Well he showed Alex Holley FOX 29 and Mike Jerrick FOX 29 what he had to learn for ‘Ted 2’ this morning. Check it out:

Posted by FOX 29 on Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fox 29’s Morning Show hosts Mike Jerrick and Alex Holley had actor Mark Wahlberg on the show this morning to chat about his new film Ted 2.

In the first Ted, Jerrick points out, Wahlberg’s character rattled off dozens of girls names in seconds. When asked if he remembered all of them, Wahlberg said no, but in the second film he had to memorize the names of 57 film characters. His work was in vain, because the scene never actually made it into the movie, but he got a moment to shine on Fox 29 today, when he rattled off all 57 movie characters in like 20 seconds. It’s pretty impressive. Check it out above to see if you can catch all the names.

(h/t HughE Dillon)