Local Grunge Band Hosts Parody Music Festival Flannelpalooza Chuckoachella

Combine satire with musical performances, throw in some flannel shirts and Converse and, voila!, you have the ingredients for what’s gearing up to be a stellar—and very funny—music festival.

A grunge rock parody cover band who call themselves the Flannel Chucks will host Philly’s first annual Flannelpalooza Chuckoachella music festival on June 11th at the Figment Theater.

Elevin bands will represent a wide array of musical styles, ranging from ska and punk and R&B to bluegrass and grunge and classical and even sexy-funk-soul (whatever that is).

Leading acts of the night will be host Flannel Chucks, known for putting clever lyrical twists on popular ’90s music; Johnny Showcase, a sweaty showman from Rhode Island who is backed by a group of fun-rock pioneers; singer-songwriter duo Useful Rooster; and Jawbone Junction, legends of the Arkansas Delta pool hall and juke joints.

Parody acts will be included in the lineup and local vendors, jewelers and artists will showcase their works. Attending vendors include Kermit’s Bakery for those looking for a pastry fix, and Steiger’s Pub will provide the booze. A complete list of all 11 vendors and music lineup can be found here.

The theme of “oversized magic” will inspire the décor and transform the 2500-square-foot venue to give it the feel of an outdoor music festival.