Brooklyn Nine-Nine Totally Trolls Philly on Most Recent Episode

Andy Samberg’s character, Detective Jake Peralta, trolled Philly on the most recent episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which aired on Fox on April 26th. Here’s the conversation that went down in the final moments of the episode, which finds Jake and his partner Boyle heading to Atlantic City on a case. Jake is in a hospital bed after things go awry, when he shares his shitty Philly memory with his boss, Sergeant Terry:

Jake: My second year on the force I was working a drug case tracking this drug dealer for months, and suddenly he disappeared, right before Memorial Day, which I was supposed to take off for a guys weekend with some friends.

Boyle: But how? We didn’t know each other then. Oh. Other friends.

Jake: While I was gone, the dude resurfaced and got into a shoot-out with another drug dealer. Two civilians got shot.

Jake: Meanwhile I was sipping Pina Coladas in Philly. From that day on I vowed to never take time off during a case.’ Also, I don’t love Philly.

Terry: Jake, I get it. Philly sucks.

It may be a little tricky to watch the actual episode. There are two ways you’ll have luck: If you’re a Hulu Plus member, you can watch it here. Or you can sign in with your cable provider to watch the full episode on Fox’s site, here. If you want to skip right to it, the Philly scene takes place right after the final commercial break.

(h/t Brian Howard)