All You Need Is Love: Is Paul McCartney On the Way to Philly?

A local journalist puts together the pieces.

Via Shutterstock.

Via Shutterstock.

The rumor mill is on fire: Beatles legend Paul McCartney may be on the way to Philadelphia, especially after writer John Moser of The Morning Call penned a pretty clever commentary this morning, putting all the pieces together from the utterly vague campaign that the Wells Fargo Center launched yesterday afternoon.

Mr. Moser made the following observations about the cat-and-mouse advertising scheme that’s been created by the Wells Fargo folks:

“Live Nation said in e-mails Thursday and again this morning only that the announcement will come at 4 p.m., when Comcast-Spectacor workers lower the 50-foot by 50-foot banner.

It’s the kind of announcement worthy of The Beatles.


In a tweet yesterday, Wells Fargo Center announced the unveiling with picture of a Hofner violin-shaped bass – the kind Paul McCartney used throughout his career. That guitar in some other announcement would be out of place.

Plus, the instrument was shown beneath Philadelphia’s “Love” statue. Get it? All You Need is Love.”

Here’s the Tweet that Moser refers to in his comments:

We will be on top of this story as it progresses, and if Sir Paul’s face dons the banner at 4PM, you’ll be sure to know.

UPDATE [4/24/15, 4:45PM]: We were right! Sir Paul is on the way.