Artist Sets Up “Selfie Zones” in Philadelphia

You're limited to one per day, though.

A photo posted by Kid Hazo (@kidhazo) on

Philadelphia street artist Kid Hazo — he of the giant PPA parking ticket and the Claes Oldenburg paint-dollop turned poop emoji — put a few new pieces on the streets this morning: Selfie zones.

Unlike the No Selfie Zone prank by Jena Kingsley, Kid Hazo is actually encouraging people to take them — a fresh change of pace from the anti-selfie propaganda constantly spewed by the media.

Hazo’s three selfie zones are part of a contest. As he explains on his Instagram:

I secretly installed 3 of these #SelfieZone signs in 3 different neighborhoods last night. Follow the rules below and enter the raffle to win a prize at the end of the week.

1) Find one of the three signs in Philly and….of course, take a selfie (or disguisey) with it!
2) Tag @phillytechweek AND @kidHazo on Instagram and/or Twitter (profiles must be public)
3) Use #PTW15xKidHazo to enter the raffle to win a signed copy of this piece!

The game ends this Friday. Go get hunting! (I figured out where this one is already; I’m sure you can too.)