WATCH: Drone Video Captures Picture-Perfect Philly Sunrise

It might be one of the most gorgeous videos of Philly that you’ve ever seen (the sunrise show at 2:25 is awe-inspiring), and it has gone relatively unnoticed since it was released last fall. The EDF Workshop, a collection of Philadelphia-based artists, shot this fantastic montage of drone footage that explores the City of Brotherly Love from a bird’s eye view.

The sweeping views of the city were created with a distinct mission in mind, according to the creators:

“We had never before taken the time to experience and appreciate our city. Before we picked up our cameras, we had never stepped foot inside of Memorial Hall—we hadn’t even seen the Liberty Bell since elementary school. We believe that many of our fellow Philadelphians don’t have the time to appreciate these sights and landmarks either.”

EDF Workshop is currently trying to create an interactive collaborative tour of Philly via their film and drone work. You can like them via their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram.